Jan 29, 2015

Life has been a blur…..

Thank goodness for the photos I take.  I feel that since last Friday I have no idea if it has been sunny or raining or whatever.  I expected things to calm down but they actually accelerated.  I was ready to hop a plane back to Edmonton but Colin held me back and fortunately grounded me.   However, I may have gone through a bit of my vino supply the past few days.

Sunday was a very dull day. The beach was mostly empty.

I felt so badly for this fellow. He pushes his wagon all along the beach, from the far end where the restaurants are to the the one just beside us. It is obviously a struggle, he pushes only so far and then has to stop and rest. A bit more, and another rest. By the time he got to the beach in front of us he needed to stop for a long while. The restaurant was just to the left. He made it there but there were no customers. Still he stayed for a good part of the day. I doubt he made enough money to make it worth his while to get up on such a dull day.

There were a few people who came out to enjoy the beach no matter the weather. I remember once years back while on a holiday in Kauai it rained the entire 10 days we were there. After two days of just sitting in a restaurant all day we just decided to pretend that the sun was shining and boogie boarded and walked and went site seeing and had a blast. Weather isn't everything.

Monday morning I woke up with a very itchy area on my back. Colin took this photo, looks like I was bitten repeatedly by a spider. Still itchy as I write this Wednesday PM.

Usually I have the first massage on Monday but due to my phone conversations Colin went first. For some reason Caeli just had to be under the table vocalizing her need for a tummy rub. Fortunately I only received 3 urgent calls during my massage 🙁

Monday night was exquisite.

Sadly I was stuck inside on the phone and missed this in person. Yeah Colin.

The colors were so vibrant.

This building is a four plex that rents out thru the season. It is called Casa Flora and over the past few days the flowers on the wall are taking shape.

I have no idea who is doing this but he is doing a wonderful job. Very creative. He seems to use just the one color all over the wall and then switches to another. Can't wait to see the final work of art.

On that same walk Tuesday morning we found this very vibrant butterfly floundering in the surf. We picked it up and set it on dry ground and hoped that it survived.

I feel like I am on a perpetual roller coaster.  My life is ups and downs and to be brutally honest since last Friday it has been downs only.  Last evening, just before sunset we walked the girls in the RV parking lot.  Suddenly halfway back Caeli could no longer walk nor could she support her back end and kept flopping over.  Those of us who have doxies know that this could be the beginning of paralysis.  This was what set me over the edge.  Caeli is my baby while Carmeh is Colin’s girl.  We did not decide this, it simply came to be between us and the girls.  Honestly I barely could cope.  Between calling a local vet and our vet at home ( thank goodness for the one hour time difference ) we decided to just medicate her with a double dose of Metacam and keep her confined for the the night.  We had plans to take her in this morning for x-rays but after further communication with our vet we decided to just wait and see.  To take x-rays of the spine a pet must be sedated and our vet suggested that this might be a bad thing if Caeli has a back issue. In the end we did several tests as suggested by our fabulous Lake Country vet.  Calei passed with flying colors and this morning was able to stand and walk around a bit.  We are keeping her quiet and confined.  I am trying to cope with not only these situations but some legal issues today and much much more.  Enough for today.  I am totally done in.

Poor Caeli.

Oops, I got two calls and fell asleep sitting up before I was able to post.  So this was last night’s post re the various references to times and dates.

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12 Responses to “Life has been a blur…..”

  1. Teri says:

    You have a lot going on, wish things would quiet down some so that you and Colin can relax. Hope that Caeli is doing better.

    • contessa says:

      Hola Teri….Caeli is doing better and is moving very slowly. We are keeping her on lock down.

      George…..I hear you…they say it takes close to a month for the transition. Right now we feel like we are going backwards so I understand your thoughts.

      Longdog….are you sure I can’t OD on vino? Actually I can’t due to my duties but at the end of the day it helps to numb the mental pain. You are right, at least my physical pain is gone.

      Dolores….I got time to take a walk today and Caeli is a tad better but we now live in a world of ramps and stools and barricades which makes for very little place to sit in our RV.

  2. Good luck with your issues, not fun to be in these predicaments.
    Things here are not improving at all.

  3. longdog2 says:

    Sorry to hear that you have so many things going on right now. Seems like you just recovered from all your health issues to rebound into this. On the bright side, at least this didn’t all hit while your health was bad. Hang in there, it will get better. No overdosing on vino 😉

  4. Dolores tanner says:

    Oh, dear… so sorry to hear about everything all at once. Caeli makes me sad, hope things are better for her. and you too!

  5. chris says:

    I could reach out and rub that puppy’s little stomach! As for everything else a common expression comes to mind, “It is what it is”, some things we cannot change or control.

    • contessa says:

      Chris…..I gave her a belly rub for you.

      Kelly….we are managing, just very tired. Everything takes energy. No worries the girls are getting tons of hugs and love.

  6. Kelly says:

    Just keep loving sweet Caeli…she must be bewildered as to what is going on.
    Same for your Dad…..
    tough times for you 4….I’m glad you have each other.

  7. Sandie says:

    Just wanted to let you know that it has been 7 weeks since Scooter went down and she is almost totally back to normal. She was out chasing lizards in the desert last week. But we do not let her do any stairs (if we can catch her in time). We kept her confined for 4 weeks before we let her do much walking. I think crate rest is the best thing to try first. That along with pain meds.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks Sandie, I so appreciate the input. Amazing that Scooter is almost back to normal. I agree, no more stairs and as few stools as possible.

  8. kelsi says:

    I’m sending good thoughts to your pup as I type this. Whenever I see a doxie in an RV park I think of your muttz. Sincerely hope Caeli’s hind legs are stronger today…

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