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Dec 26, 2014

DONATIONS for baby Romina

Thanks for your patience with me in getting this set up.  Based on your emails I have come up with 2 different ways to donate online.  For those of you on the Isla please feel free to drop by with your donation in exchange for a glass of vino or a cerveza  😉 If you […]


Dec 25, 2014



Dec 24, 2014

A fun day and yet more friends arrive

By 10AM we had managed a short beach walk as the tide was rapidly coming in.  Did some shopping at the veggie truck. Introduced Chris and Juan to a bunch of people. Managed a quick tour of the Isla and the Super Deli, the large grocery store on the island with 3 aisles. We did […]


Dec 23, 2014

If you wait long enough it all falls into place

I woke up a with an idea and put it into place.  Meanwhile Colin also had an idea and put that into place.  Soon we had way more activity happening than we expected.  Not so good cuz we were still waiting and this was just too much to cope with or so it seemed.   […]


Dec 22, 2014

We waited and waited and waited…..

Meanwhile we had a fairly quiet Sunday mostly because we waited and waited and did not get a beach walk as we were still waiting. Meanwhile we continued to wait and wait and wait.  Colin finally drove out to have a look but couldn’t find them. So we waited and waited and waited until the […]


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