Dec 29, 2014

It looks like all we do is party

I guess that is what we have been doing, lots of visiting and partying.  Everyone spent a quiet Dec. 26th until happy hour over a Paula and Jurgen’s, our neighbors.

Our Christmas group plus friends from RV2.

The clouds were in the perfect position at sunset.

The reflection of the light lit up the sky.

I have seen a few photos of this particular sunset and the colours are all slightly different.

I like how my camera captured the sunset. This is as it was taken, all natural. No added saturation.

The sky glowed for a long time after the sun had set.

This is what Colin's camera captured.

Tres Amigos 🙂

I appreciate those of you who have made donations to the baby Romina fund.  There is still time for any of you who might like to make a donation.


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One Response to “It looks like all we do is party”

  1. Life is a party, every day we are here we celebrate.
    We personally prefer the smaller parties ourselves mostly though.

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