Dec 27, 2014

2nd Annual Bloggers Conference

You might recall that I hosted an International Bloggers Conference last December 29th, 2013.  You can read about it here.

December 24th was the date for the 2014 Conference held once again at my home here on the Isla.  We sure miss those of you not with us this winter but perhaps we shall catch up with you at the 2015 Conference, date to be advised.

We thought this was all who were attending but.....

...we had a last minute attendee who fit us in between her social engagements.

On the far left are Ruth and Kevin who write the blog Travel with Kevin & Ruth, next is Rae who writes A Life by Design, then myself who you of course read right here, then Chris and Juan who write Living and Boondocking in Mexico and then Maria who writes The Canexican….as she works in Canada and lives in Mexico. Maria and I were part of the last years conference where we were six bloggers, three from Canada and three from the USA.  This year we were four from Canada and one from Mexico.  Pretty special to have so many of us on the Isla each winter.  I also have friends who blog who live in Mazatlan fulltime like Nancy who keeps me in the loop when I am back home during the summer.  I really need to get my act together and issue proper invitations next time.

Entertainment was provided by Mother Nature....

...and two departing cruise ships. In the first photo you can see this ship to the left of the shot just going behind the island. Great zoom on that little camera of mine. See all of those tiny people in the right of the shot viewing the sunset.

We sat, enjoyed food and wine and each others company.

I was the only one who had previously met Maria and this was the first time anyone had met Rae.

Always nice to actually meet a fellow blogger.  Usually you get an idea of what a person is like when you read a blog and to meet in person adds a different perspective.

Lola, our neighbors dog dropped by for a visit. Her parents were out and she was unhappy with the firecrackers the kids were setting off. Juan soon had her relaxed.

Meanwhile Dad is very slowly recovering from his fall. Various members of the family dropped by during Christmas and the past few days with a variety of treats. His new room looks rather crowded to me.

Thanks so much to those who have made donations to baby Romina.  I am going to keep taking donations until January 1st. Details on how to donate are on yesterday’s post.

I promise so share our Christmas with you tomorrow, so much happening here these days.  Oh also an update on Carmeh.  We are taking her on our beach walks and allowing her to walk a short distance then Colin carries her.  She seems to be healing.


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3 Responses to “2nd Annual Bloggers Conference”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Boo hoo hoo! I am sad to have missed the conference this year. I had so much fun last year! But it sure is fun to see all those bloggers together in one place. Give my best to Maria! I didn’t know she was back down this year….I will have to check out her blog once again. Disfruta!

  2. Looks like a fun time. You have a conference,(too formal for us) we just have a get together our a social time. Not matter it looks like a was a great time.

  3. chris says:

    Very good time had by all! I love the pic of the cruise ship. Very cool! Mazatlan is too much fun 🙂

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