Dec 03, 2014

Unseasonable weather for Quartzsite and area

We left our BLM camping area near Lake Havasu about 8:30AM yesterday morning with temps in the low 60’s.

We usually don't have anyone else camped close to us in this area, but we heard nothing and saw no one.

I have never seen a tent here before. They look well set up. I wonder if this is their permanent home.

About a dozen RV's scrunched together in this section.

These wagons are towable, very unique RV set up. Love the front porch idea.

Back to Walmart for more things that I absolutely need for the Isla including more white lights to decorate our site with.  I was rushing through my list as we had planned to meet friends Libby ( whom I graduated with from nursing school way back in 1973 ) and Skip at our RV at a certain time.  Well they were early and I was late getting out of the store.  I had a Chatty Cathy at the till and she just kept going on and on so finally I started to just bag my own groceries.

We had a lovely short visit and off they went to do their errands and of course I still had more shopping to do.

Yes those are grey skies overhead and it was too cool to stay outside and visit for any length of time. In fact it did not get over 65F all day.   After a quick meal of eggs and toast I was off to JC Penny.  I was looking for a particular top and found 5 choices within 5 minutes, all on sale.  It is a good thing that we had an agenda for the day or I could have easily spent a fortune totally revamping my wardrobe.  Great choice of clothing for 50% off.  Maybe in the spring.  Again a long line to checkout with another Chatty Cathy.

We drove on to Parker where I picked up the last ( well not quite, one more quick shop before we cross the border ) items I needed from Safeway.  We always refill our 5 gallon water container here.  Before I made it back to the RV it rained, not much but enough to get everything wet.  By the way the wine purchases have ceased and I have reached my limit for this winter.  I have no idea how the RV seems to absorb all these cases of vino blanco.

Next stop was to the brother’s shop of the fellow who repaired our RV A/C last April.  Why to the brother you might ask?  Well we can’t find the guy we paid to do the work and that left us with a part missing which he was going to order and install for us this trip south.  I mean we had already for everything including the missing part.  So through the local Chamber of Commerce we were given Fidel’s ( the brother ) phone number.  He told us he would look after us at his shop and that he had the part.  Well after an hour of  just sitting there, it turns out that he does not have the part but he also noticed that a solenoid ignition switch is badly corroded and would likely cause more problems down the road if not changed.  So now we have to go back tomorrow for both parts to be installed.  We were supposed to have 2 full days here in Q to recharge our personal batteries and get ready to cross the Mexican border.  I am tired from all of that shopping.  Good thing that when we get to Mazatlan I seldom leave the Isla.  Certainly not several times per week like most of Rvers.

After seeing Fidel we had to fill with propane and diesel.  We took a full 10 gallons of propane  which shows how much we have been running the furnace to keep warm.  Diesel was the lowest we have seen this trip at $3.59 per gallon.  The lowest I have seen gas for is $2.75 per gallon.   Prices here are a bit higher than what George is finding along his travels.  He found gas the other day for $2.39/gallon.

Finally, finally we pulled into the BLM area in Quartzsite  off exit 112. Even the camp host was off duty.  Yet another full day.  We managed to get set up and have a short walk before dark.  It was 64F outside at 6:30PM, not my usual sitting outside for happy hour weather.  We also listened to the pitter patter of rain all night.  It felt colder than 58F this morning.  I guess it was the dark gloomy clouds.

Check back tomorrow for a recap of what happened or will happen today.


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11 Responses to “Unseasonable weather for Quartzsite and area”

  1. Croft says:

    We have gray skies and periodic raindrops here in Palm Springs as well. After dragging lousy weather around with us all last winter I am coming to the conclusion that it actually IS us that is the cause. If the Gulf Coast has a hot, sunny winter this year, that will prove it.

    • contessa says:

      Croft……of that is the case please so not come on down to Mexico 🙂

      Rae….once I get there, I shall be still unless working in my garden or walking the beach. I do all of this so that I don’t have to do ANYTHING once we are set up. We will arrive between 11:30AM and 12:30noonish on Monday, the 8th. Are you going to the RV Xmas raffle party that day? We won’t be. Carmeh is poco better.

      • contessa says:

        Teri….how well you understand me.

        Chris….don’t make be blush….I just have to work on keeping myself this way. I would love to see inside of one of those wagons.

  2. Rae says:

    All those preparations are making me dizzy! 🙂

    What day do you think you’ll be arriving?

    How’s Carmeh’s eye?

  3. Teri says:

    Soon you will be on your beloved Isla and you can relax! 🙂

  4. chris says:

    Somebody in the pictures is really lookin’ good! Looks like a nice place there and I have seen the gypsy wagons before. Some of them are nicely decorated inside. You’re getting closer now!

  5. Wow you are sure doing a lot of shopping and things, sounds like you need a rest real soon, hope it’s worth it.

    • contessa says:

      Hey George….when I get to the Isla I plan on doing nothing but resting for a few months.

      Suzanne my friend…those sundresses are calling my name, just hope they don’t fall off of me.

      Thank you Dolores. I am so looking forward to just sitting and let the peace and beauty of the Isla and the ocean wash over me.

      How kind of you Kelly, nothing like a lot of stress and activity to get me thinner. I was on a diet but the other helped. Hope today is the last of the rain.

  6. Suzanne says:

    WOW, you sure do look snazzy for an all-day shopper! Looking forward to seeing you in those Isla sundresses soon! Consume some of that Vino, and get some rest!

  7. Dolores tanner says:

    Contessa, you look wonderful!!!! Soon, soon, you will be able to relax!!! Glad the puppy’s eye is getting better

  8. Kelly says:

    I agree with Suzanne, you look terrific…Colin is looking a wee bit tired…:)

    lots of rain here.

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