Nov 28, 2014

Turned away by Camping World

We had a fabulous sleep last night at Lowes, it was quiet and peaceful as opposed to past nights spent at the local Walmart.  Even the dozen or so shoppers showing up at 6AM did not bother us.  We were up and driving at 7:00AM.  It was 48F with no precipitation.  As we crossed into Oregon about 9:10AM we had temps of 60F and quite a bit of wind.  Colin had to really hang onto the wheel.

The girls are so happy to be back in the RV. Carmeh slept the deepest and most relaxing sleeps I have ever seen.

FYI we have our own ATT hot spot that we use while transiting the US.  I get 5GB for $50.00 which is good for a month. We are in the US usually less than two weeks but find the price well worth the convenience.  Also my passwords were found on my desk exactly where I had left them.  They were scanned to me today and I can decipher 90% so I think all is well in that area.  Plus that document has been added to my master travel list.  However it is the first time I have ever ever forgotten something at home in 15 years of RVing.

Other than the winds that came and went we had a great travel day.  We couldn’t believe how easy things were going.

That is until we got into Idaho.

If you recall a few weeks ago I asked you, my readers about staying at a Walmart over Thanksgiving and today, Black Friday.  You all told me not to.  So I made alternate arrangements with us supposed to have stayed at Home Depot last night but we couldn’t find it but did find Lowe’s by accident.  Tonight we had planned to stay at Camping World in Boise.  I had even called and an older lady told me their hours and even added where the electric plug ins where.  So only 42 miles into Idaho we turned off I84 and found Camping World.  They had 2 30AMP plugs left but we would have to unhook and back in.  After some discussion as to whether to unhook or just park and run the generator we decided to unhook.  However Colin wanted me to go check if it was okay to take an electric site.  I said that I had been told it was fine but he wanted to be certain.  Well not only could we not use the electricity we could not even stay in the parking lot  👿 They claimed it was a county ordinance that no one could stay in their RV overnight in Camping World!  We just scratched our heads, why even tell us where to plug in if we could not stay.

They suggested a Walmart down the road about 20 minutes.  Well there was no way we could get in there never mind it being full of Black Friday shoppers.  Now what, it was getting late and soon it would be dark.  Nothing to do but get back onto I84 and travel another 50 miles to the Walmart we were familiar with.  As we drove we discussed our option for the night if Walmart was full.   Likely we would stay at a Rest Area which was yet 30 miles past Walmart.  From years ago we know there is just one horrid RV Park in the area and I did not have the directions to get there.

We were treated to a lovely sunset.

It was dark at 5:00PM PST  ( but 6 PM MST local time ) as we approached Walmart.  We were in luck, our usual spot was available and the parking lot was only 1/4 full.  Should have just come here in the first place.  The towns and cities we are driving through are small and perhaps don’t do Black Friday to the extent of other places in the states.

So another long day of 407 miles. We really dislike arriving in the dark but then we are a month later than usual plus there has been a time change.

So here we sit, the only RV at Walmart.  It is a balmy 50F at 10:00PM and I still have a sink full of dishes to do as well as shower.  That means that once again the story of the border crossing remains to be told.  Likely tomorrow unless something else happens.  We will have a shorter day tomorrow so should have more free time once we park.  What is amazing is that we are traveling a full month later than last year but the weather is much better, so far!


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7 Responses to “Turned away by Camping World”

  1. We have found over the years to phone ahead and ask if we can stay overnight in their lot. And found a few Camping Worlds, Walmarts, Visitor centres and rest areas that do not allow it, and usually a county bylaw.
    At least you found a spot for the night.

    • contessa says:

      George….the point is that I DID call ahead and was informed that it was alright and even told we could plug only to find that was not true. We otherwise would have made other arrangements such as an RV park somewhere.

      Chris….how about I dicate it and you write it 🙂 Coming soon.

  2. chris says:

    Waiting for the border crossing story 🙂 Keep warm and safe!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’ve driven on the route you’re on and thought you’d be OK at the Wal*Mart. You’re right, Black Friday in smaller towns isn’t as crazy as larger towns. However, it sounds like all is well except for the wind…

  4. We tend to avoid Walmarts now for overnight stops, preferring to go to Home Depots or Lowe’s. Glad to hear you are getting some good weather.

  5. Dolores tanner says:

    So glad traveling is going relatively well.. take care, thinking of you both….

  6. Upriverdavid says:

    Sorry about your border adventure..I have quite a story about the Meridan/Boise Camping World…
    In short there are a few idiots there and the other 3/4 have no idea how they are screwing up their customer service….I will never stop there again…
    Back to the border crossing, living in Seattle your customs agents were always pleasant, my American guards were always jerks..
    Relax and enjoy the warmth of Mexico.

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