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Oct 22, 2014

Prayers please

It has been a very bad 6 – 7 days. I told Dad last Friday that I was done with the business end of things. Saturday he asked me to write his obituary. I gave it to him Monday AM and about 2 hours later he became worse. Tuesday AM he was worse again and […]


Oct 18, 2014

Went off the deep end….

…yes for the first time since Chris & Juan left in early June I have gone off the deep end. I went off my diet! Ay carumba!!! And I can’t stop. I had a fish burger at 4PM and now at 10:30PM I am eating pizza. Well it is a small wee tiny thing ( […]


Oct 15, 2014

In the right place but…..

…..I now have a problem with some functions of this computer. I will get back to all your emails, eventually. When I take a break from doing Dad’s paperwork I read blogs, however something is preventing me from making a comment, so just know that I am hovering out here even if you don’t hear […]


Oct 13, 2014

So much to be thankful for…

…most especially being able to have this extra time with my Dad.  


Oct 12, 2014

Adios dear house, for a while anyway

I am flying to Edmonton today and should arrive about 3:30PM.  My sister is picking me up at the airport and we will go straight to the hospital.  Dad has been a bit testy with me lately.  I think he misses having me there to do all of his bidding and most especially to deal […]


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