May 26, 2014

Time to ‘fess up

Did anyone notice how at the beginning of our time on the Isla this past winter, any food photos I posted were all healthy?

Did anyone notice that from January on, all the food photos were full of calories?

I blew it!  But I did decide to go off the wagon as they say and eat and drink whatever I wanted.  After all it was the first time in over three years that I was free to move around, do want I wanted, go to restaurants and to just enjoy life.  And I really did enjoy the Isla and Mazatlan, walking everywhere and dancing as much as I wanted and of course eating all I wanted.  I had a fabulous winter and just went for it.  I consciously threw my weight control out the window.  Secretly I hoped that all the extra activity would balance the extra calories.

It didn’t and I came home 15 lbs heavier. Sigh!!

Well I have already lost 6 lbs in the last 4 weeks.  Yeah me.  Tomorrow will be week two at Weight Watchers.  Yes I have returned to the program that helped me lose my 50 lbs plus. It really helps to keep me accountable.  So I still have another 9 lbs to go, officially that is.  I hope to add another 5 lbs …no not add as in gain…but add as in a total of 14 more to lose.

Was it worth it?  Honestly no it was not.  I’m giving up on those fattening margaritas that are never made the same way twice in a particular restaurant.  No more wasted calories on a drink that I like but seldom tastes good.  As to special food items, I will try to be more careful next season but I am human you know.

Meanwhile every bite and sip is being accounted for.  It certainly takes longer to take it off then to put it on.  The weather continues to be dismal making it difficult to get out and power walk, my preferred form of exercise.

A day like this is perfect. Notice the absolute calm spots in the middle of the lake, not even a wind ripple. You can also see how the snow pack is melting.

Today we went from showers to raining cats & dogs! From a bit of blue to totally dark skies. Back and forth all day long.

Come on back sunshine, I need you to get me motivated.

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8 Responses to “Time to ‘fess up”

  1. Good luck with your weight loss program.

    • contessa says:

      George..thanks! It sure takes longer to loose it that to gain it.

      Ruth….you are right, portions make a huge difference. At home it is easier to control what I eat whereas on vacation I am so relaxed that I just go with the flow resulting in eating way too much.

      Suzanne….good thing I don’t like flan 🙂

      Bob….that’s the thing, I do weigh myself here almost daily but in Mexico, after the first two months, I stopped and that was my big mistake.

      Connie….nothing wrong with indulging now and then. When I read her recipe I wanted to try it also but I will wait a bit first. I just don’t have the will power to just have a little bit.

  2. Believe it or not, I to gained weight over the winter even with all the exercise I seem to get. We were still eating the same way but my portions were a bit too big I think. I am now giving myself less and of course working at the campground should wear off a few more pounds too.

    I am hoping that your weather isn’t headed our way. We heard some rain last night and saw some first thing this morning but shortly after that the blue sky came out and stayed out for the rest of the day and it was perfect.

    Hope your weather improves and good luck with the weight loss.


  3. Suzanne says:

    I always say the fleeting moment of taste is not worth it…..with the exception of Carmelita’s flan. 😉 Congrats on releasing the six!

  4. Bob says:

    I’d like to take the high road and say, “I try not to judge”, but it’s more like I haven’t a clue, as I hadn’t noticed.
    Our bathroom scale and I are well connected, let’s just say? I just try to keep it below a certain number. Good luck.

  5. Connie in Pa says:

    Contessa, the blues in the lake photo are absolutely gorgeous!

    No comment on losing weight, ha! I know I should but now I’m going to make Ruth’s blueberry muffins! Love to eat!!!

  6. Steve says:

    That’s a beautiful view from your yard … even on the rainy days. Without any exercise I have lost 11 pounds since the day I retired from work. I improved my diet, no soda, no candy, no junk food … all seemed to be stress related at work. I didn’t realize Margaritas were that loaded with calories. You might go the premix, large bottles from Costco. They have the same taste every time, just pour over ice or into the blender….but I’ll warn you, that you’ll be wearing a sombrero and singing in spanish 3/4 through the large bottle … LOL

    Good luck and losing the weight, weight loss is always a tough program to remain consistent.

    • contessa says:

      Good for you Steve, 11 pounds is huge! Thanks for the hint re the Costco mix. Where we live here in BC in Canada, no alcohol is sold at Costco. However a few other provinces in Canada allow the sale of booze at Costco.

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