May 25, 2014

Working Weekend

Saturday was a nice day so we worked outside.  Somehow one or two tasks kept growing.  Check that the fire pit was working, set out our rope lights and solar lights, sweep away the cobwebs, etc.

Including, kill the weeds in all the cracks and along the edge of the patio and in the front driveway. We don't use pesticides but instead boil a kettle of water. Then we pour the boiling water over the weeds and they die very quickly, right down to the roots.

I don't recall this being on the to do list but Colin decided to power wash almost everything. It did get rid of all the bird crap on the patio and the spiders nests and resulting mess but it did seem to go on and on.

Then I spray painted three different projects. This glass topped table was full of rust and looked pretty bad, now it looks better than new.

Today, Sunday, was definitely an inside day as we had rain shower after rain shower, that is in between the real rain.  The girls would ask to go out and when I opened the door they quickly turned around and headed to a bed and under a doggie blanket.  It never got over 58F all day.  I wore a sweater all day, it was damp and coolish.  Certainly not normal end of May weather. With nothing but time on our hands we did some inside cleaning.

So now with the outside and the inside of the house in good shape we better get some company soon.  I’ll let you in on a secret, we are expecting a visit from from some Mexican friends.  They are on a 3 month RV tour tour of the USA and Canada.  Nothing to do but wait.  When they get here, they get here.  The only thing I haven’t done is plan some meals and buy some food.  Manana.

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  1. You and the house are ready, all you need now is the nice weather and the company.

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