May 16, 2014

Memorable Friday

The day started out with Colin meeting some potential clients that resulted in some jobs down the road.  Always nice to know that the dollars will soon be flowing our way.

By midday he was back home for just under an hour and then off we both went back into to Kelowna to meet with our new financial advisor.  This guy is top notch and gave us some fabulous advise that will soon have us making mucho pesos.  Meanwhile we discussed the monies we were transferring to his company. Due to the numerous commissions to liquidate our portfolio ( within our RRSP’s ) we had to payout $5000.00.  This new fellow immediately added the $5000.00 to our portfolio at his expense. In effect that means that we did the transfer with no loss and are guaranteed an 8% annual growth.  However last year his clients safely increased their portfolio by 15%.  Needless to say we are happy with the deal.

On the drive home we encountered stopped traffic and being the long weekend, here in Canada, figured it was an accident.  As we rounded a curve, we noticed an RV ( Class C towing 2 ATV’s on a trailer) stopped, pretty much blocking the road.  It was only one lane in each direction and the RV was about 8 vehicles ahead of us.  As we slowed to a stop, we noticed a dark square bundle on the side of the road.  Colin figured that they must have dropped something.  As we came nearer we saw that it was a small very fluffy black dog.  It was dead still standing on four legs but in total shock.  Then we saw a woman running towards us, by now we had passed the dog.  At first I thought that the RV had struck the dog and was coming back to check on it.  I watched from my rear view mirror as the woman ran to the dog and scooped it up and cuddled it.

I knew in an instant  what had transpired.  The dog had fallen out of the window of the RV.  Likely the animal was sitting on her lap and jumped out of the window.  Now I was the one in shock.  I insisted to Colin that we turn around and go back and help them find a vet.  A few miles later we found an area that we could safely pull off the road where we waited for the RV to appear.  I ran out to the highway intending to flag the RV down.  About 5 minutes later I saw it coming around the curve in the road.  I boldly stepped out into the traffic lane waving my arms, trying to get the RV to slow and pull over.  It did.  I ran to the window, asking about the dog. I had guessed correctly, the woman had the dog in her lap and had opened the screen and within minutes the dog was out the window.  Can you imagine driving at 80KPH/50MPH and having a dog drop from the height of a Class C to the pavement????   We offered to guide them to a vet just a few kilometers down the road.  I had no idea if they were local or just traveling in the area because of the long weekend.  It turns out that they were local and did have a vet in the area and after speaking to me agreed to drive there pronto.  The woman said that the dog was fine and moving okay.  I told her that there would be injuries that she was not aware of.

My heart pounded for a good hour afterwards and we were tempted to follow them to the vet but what good would it do.  I just hope and pray that that precious baby is out of pain as I type this.

We finally got home, freed our girls, gave them lots of hugs and kisses and then loaded them up for a few local errands.  Finally back home by 4:50PM.  Our Calgary neighbors who are here only on long weekends had arrived late last night and they wanted to do happy hour.  So over we went.

We only spent an hour with Karen and Lyle and of course had a great time catching up.

Life continues to be great for us.  However why do we only get to eat dinner after 800PM?

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10 Responses to “Memorable Friday”

  1. He’s getting you a guaranteed 8% per year? “Guaranteed”? In writing?

    • contessa says:

      Colin and I appreciate your comments and concerns re our financial changes. Please be assured that we are dealing with a Certified Financial Planner. We have made this change as we lost confidence in our previous broker who has doubled our money over recent years but now as we are aging we want something more secure but with continued growth. The situation we are moving to is exactly what we need and will once again double our money within 8 to 10 years. Our previous investments were in commodities with many ups and downs. We are now happy to be plodding along with diversified and safe investments. No one knows what the market will do but this company was able to keep their clients portfolios growing at a 5% rate of return during the last two market corrections. Last year their clients averaged 12 – 15%, so if we can keep growing at around 8% we are happy. He doesn’t believe that the higher rate of return will continue much longer. Meanwhile it looks like we can start taking more time off and retire much sooner than we anticipated. However we aren’t choosing to do that for at least 4 to 5 years from now. Colin plans to keep photographing those fabulous homes as long as he can carry a camera because he loves what he does.

  2. Cheryl says:

    So sad about the dog – hope he/she is OK.

    Looks like you both are enjoying life – even if it does mean late dinners…

  3. Our investments do very well, but not sure how he can guarantee what the market will do, We took a huge hit a few years ago but are still doing well.

  4. Dee says:

    Most any reputable CFP will never say ‘Guaranteed’—There is no such thing in the Stock Market.
    And you didn’t say if this was a Certified Financial Planner or just a financial advisor.

  5. Nancy says:

    Eeek, that financial change scares me, but good luck.

  6. I’m not concerned in the least bit about your financial changes Contessa…I just wanted an answer to the question.

    The word “Guaranteed” means exactly that, and either has has guaranteed your return of 8%, or he hasn’t.

    So again…do you have a guarantee in writing that he will get you 8% annually?

    And why would you change from a broker who has doubled your money? Why wouldn’t you just ask the same guy to make your investments less volatile? No need to answer, as I’m not really looking for a response. Just doesn’t make any sense to me…

    • contessa says:

      If you had all the facts Kevin, it would make sense to you but I am not going to put all the details in my blog. Enough to know that we went from a good situation to an even better situation.

  7. longdog2 says:

    It’s more than enough for us to know that you are comfortable with your changes and how it will affect your retirement plans. I’m sure you both put a lot of thought into it.

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