May 08, 2014

The first ‘Que Pasa’ of the month!

A quick mention here for the new readers of my blog, “Que Pasa” sort of means ‘what’s up’ in Spanish.  The purpose of my blog is to let you know the happenings in our lives.  The title “5C’s Que Pasa” refers to me Contessa, Colin and the girls Carmeh and Caeli.  Our first two doxies were called Cloii and Channel.  So we have been known as the 4C’s for many years.  Where does the 5th C come from, you might ask?  When I started this blog back in 2010, we had a parrot, who we rescued while RVing in Acapulco and brought her back here to Kelowna,  and then we had to give her away for a reason I hope to be able to share with you one day.  Two winters ago we had another parrot for a few months while on Isla de la Piedra whom we chose to set free via a rehabilitation to the wild program in Mazatlan.  So the C’s go from 4 to 5 and back to 4, we always have room for another C.

After all of Carmeh’s antics yesterday, Colin and I had to leave the girls and head into town for yet another meeting.  We have not been happy with our investment advisor for the last three years but due to circumstances that I can’t tell you about yet, we just let whatever happen, happen, as we had no time to supervise our investments.  Last fall we began to question and much more strongly since we got home.  Our meeting was to make some changes, from the first company to the new one we met with.  I have spent hours on the phone today and it is going to cost us just under $6000.00 to make the change.  We have decided to take the loss as we can improve our investment growth.  The new company figures we can make 12- 15 % safely per year with strong investments.  So we signed on.

Our heads were spinning and on the spur of the moment we headed to a restaurant.  We don’t eat out here at home.  Actually I can’t remember the last time we ate out here in Kelowna.  Well we did once last year when friends Jannose & Colin visited but I think that was it.  We tend to do take out and enjoy our meals at home.

So we headed to the Ozeki Japanese Restaurant to eat in for the first time. A real treat for us.

Salmon teriyaki for $13.00. I had double the veggies and Colin had the rice which it usually comes with. So much better fresh & hot in the restaurant. Loved their white house wine from Mission Hill, our major employer since we have been home.

We finally spoke with our vet, Dr. Susan Wales, about 8:30PM. last evening. From our conversation and the description of Carmeh’s antics all day yesterday, she thinks that Carmeh is frustrated and likely feeling better.  After some discussion we decided to return our home to the usual stools located here and there and give her the option of going where she wanted to.  So today we moved things back into place and she has been free today.  The only precaution was just to give her a 2 block walk for a few days and then build her up.  So this morning she got her walk and did well but this evening she went back into her shoulder bag to be carried.  She did well in it until Colin let her out for a short while to roam off leash in a grassy area.  Carmeh did not want to return to her bag.  So it seems that she is feeling much better.  Love all of your comments yesterday, most of you were right on the money.  She was ready to be freed to do her thing.

At one point this afternoon, I found her on the window seat which she had not had access to for close to two weeks. She sure looks content.

We still haven’t planted our new flowers.  The last three mornings have been very cold with frost.  We were going to try this afternoon but we are dealing with high winds ( gusting to 40km/h ) and whitecaps out on the lake.

Dad’s admission to hospital has now been changed from today to tomorrow and now Monday.  There was a comment yesterday about the program he was being admitted to.  I don’t have any details mostly because he does not, other than it is a new program in Alberta, less than a year old.  The admission is to a rehab unit in a hospital and it is from 4 to 6 weeks, possibly longer.  Dad is really looking forward to this time as he will be assessed from head to toe by a variety of specialists and supposedly treated for whatever they find.  In addition he is to have daily physio to restore his balance so he stops falling.  Nice to have all of this happen in one place without  having to drive from one MD’s office to the other.  All of us hope that this will be the answer to giving him more strength and to ease all the miscellaneous aches and pains he has.  Dad will be 84 in June.

Colin was supposed to do a photo shoot last evening ( after our special dinner ) but the clouds came in.  This is a time sensitive assignment as the shot is to used on a bill board.  The forecast is not promising.  Oh well, other jobs are looming on the horizon.

What else?  Colin had an ER dental appointment for pain but they could not find the problem .  Grrr…..  My time machine back up is messed up again.  Lynne do you make house calls to Canada?

Overall life is great….Carmeh is well and that is the most important of all.  Adios for now….time to go make us some dinner and of course feed the girls.  Oh yeah….love my new camera.


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9 Responses to “The first ‘Que Pasa’ of the month!”

  1. Dolores tanner says:

    So glad pups is feeling so much better….

    • contessa says:

      Dolores….thanks. We are too.

      Kelly….it was very tasty and I think that was a great price. Carmeh is much happier these days.

      Al….thanks but yes we have already made a decision.

      George…our fellow has done very very well for us over the 12 years we have been with him. However at this stage of our lives we need to think of our future and want to have someone in the same city that we live in. The reason we are taking the $6000.00 loss is because we are totally changing our portfolio. We have also discovered that it might not be that high which is great news.

  2. I think that you should invest all of your money in a local winery. Then buy all of your wine from that winery.

    Given the amount of wine you buy, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make a 12-15% ROI.


  3. Kelly says:

    That salmon looked VERY delish !!

    I’m so glad Carmeh is doing well

  4. Al McC says:

    You probably have made the decision on a new investment advisor but if you need a recommendation let me know.


  5. Our adviser has been doing quite well for in more than the twenty years we have been with him, allowing us to enjoy this lifestyle.

  6. Marty says:

    I have never heard of a program like your dad will be going through. Unless you count doing an inpatient stint at Mayo. I’m glad he’s looking forward to it.

    • contessa says:

      Good to hear from you Marty, it’s been awhile. Hope that all is well with you and yours. Yes it is a new program in Alberta and he had to wait less than a month to get in.

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