May 07, 2014

Enough to drive me nuts

First Carmeh escaped the yard ( she isn’t even supposed to be walking ) under Colin’s watch ( I was out walking ) and was brought back by a neighbor and a few hours later Caeli escaped under my watch ( I was dealing with a window washer and Colin was out at an appointment ) and I was called to come and get her.

I think today, Wednesday, was a new level of stuff to deal with for me today. I won’t say stress cuz I know that it can and does and has gotten much worse.

We have our windows professionally cleaned two times per year. Please note that the back stairs have been fenced off. That is Caeli snooping around.

It was a busy day for both of us but Colin’s day was loco.  First he had an appointment just a few miles away and then he had to drive to Peachland  ( 45 minutes with no traffic ), then back here to get me ( another 45 minutes ) and then back again to Kelowna for another appointment, which we both had to attend ( 28 minutes ), not to mention back home again.  He then had a view shot to take for a client at 6PM who needed the photo ASAP for a billboard ad, but the clouds came in.  Bummer.

Meanwhile as soon as Colin left for his first appointment in the morning, Carmeh started to act up.  She just would not stop moving.  Before he left Colin did his best to barricade things so that she had some freedom of movement but safely for her back.  Boy did she move.

These are the front steps and she is supposed to use the ramp coming and going. Well on the up part, which is where her injury affects her she used the ramp for the first step and jumped off and used the stairs the rest of the way to the top.

If I had not been out to speak to the window washer, I would have missed this one. She came out the dog door ( top right ) to the back steps and on seeing that they were blocked off, she did a really smart thing, in her mind. She came down to the step between the quail ornament and the doggie statue and scrunched under the glass rail and jumped down to the grass. What the heck? Then she did the ramp/stair combo at the front of the house back inside and did this descent once again. Finally I got smart and blocked the doggie door.

How am I supposed to get any work done? Five minutes later I look outside to see where she is and find her. She has jumped onto a chaise. The phone rings.

Five minutes later I look for her again and she has jumped up onto a chair under the patio table. Grrrr. By the time I go and get my shoes on and go find her she has jumped up elsewhere.

Then I get a call….. could I please come and get Caeli, she is in their yard!   So I haul Carmeh into the house where everything is sealed off or fixed so that she can’t jump up.

Back in the house, five minutes later I return with Caeli to find Carmeh on another chair. I am about ready to give up.

This is not working.  Is Carmeh feeling so wonderful that she has gone loco or what?  This is not her normal behavior.  Is she stressed because she can’t go to the 2 places in the house that she likes to reach by jumping up on stools?  Either she has to go in a pen which Colin refuses to do and actually so do I or we let her be free to do what she wants.  We have received so many wonderful suggestions for her care in the blog comments and I thank you.  I like the idea of leaving her on Metacam longterm and see what transpires.

I wondered if Carmeh was upset because the window washer was in & out and even on the roof at one point.

It's not like we aren't making an effort to keep her from jumping up.....the pillows stop her from jumping up from the floor.

...and hurting herself.

We are beyond exhausted and I am not getting much work done at my desk.  Meanwhile I am dealing with the ever changing admission date of my Dad to a hospital in Edmonton.  He is being admitted for 4 – 6 weeks, for an assessment as to why he keeps falling plus an overall body check.  This is a great thing as one team will be checking all aspects of his body and problems.  Rather than go from one Dr. to another for various parts of the body, they are all going to assess him as a whole. However his admittance date has been changed three times in the last 24 hours.

At the moment, 8:30PM, Wednesday, we are awaiting a return call from our vet.  She works long hours and never seems to stop.  We are fortunate to have her in our lives.  Meanwhile, it is a dog’s world!

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5 Responses to “Enough to drive me nuts”

  1. Maybe Carmeh is better and just wants to drive you nuts.. lol….
    Good luck with the dogs and your Dad’s appoinment.

    • contessa says:

      George….I think you should be a vet:)

      Cheryl….you are right. I agree she is good to go.

      Longdog….we did have a bed right at our desks but she is not a relaxed sleeping dog, she ‘goes’ all day long.

      Sandy…very willful, indeed 🙂 You were right she is letting us know.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Apparently, Carmeh is feeling lots better and wants to make up for lost time! She probably knows her limits, and although frustrating for you is “probably” OK.

    I’ve never heard of admitting someone to the hospital for a battery of tests, but it seems like a good idea for your dad. I hope the tests go well and he’s fine.

  3. longdog2 says:

    If she really is not supposed to be moving around a lot, a pen is the best option unless you can have her sitting right next to you. It certainly would be a lot easier for her than having to be crated long term. As you are well aware, dachsies are very stubborn.

  4. Sandy says:

    Contessa, this post gave me more giggles – Carmeh is a very willful child, er……. doggie. For you not so funny but Carmeh must be feeling better and is letting you know. 🙂

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