May 04, 2014

Colin saved the life of a bird

What to do on a dreary wet Saturday?

First just a tad of pruning on the maple we got last year.

This little guy had knocked himself rather hard against our windows. As I mentioned in a post recently we have these Audobon Yellow-rumped Warblers flitting around our yard and they never stop moving. As you know we have walls of glass and these birds keep flying into the windows. I think little one has a huge headache.

Colin picked it up and held it for a few moments and then very carefully placed it in a tree. He had to wrap the claws around the branch so it would stay on the branch and not fall to the ground.

It sat there for a good half hour, eyes closed, breathing heavily. Eventually it flew away.

Sadly today we found one that had hit the window but did not survive and again later in the day another that was knocked to the ground.  It was also carefully placed in the tree and also flew away after resting.  We never had this problem last year and hopefully it won’t last long.  The birds seems to come and go at various times of the day, never staying long.

Meanwhile Carmeh continues to improve.  Today we cut her meds down by 50% and will do the same tomorrow.  Hopefully she will be fine without them.


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5 Responses to “Colin saved the life of a bird”

  1. Kathy Tycho says:

    Glad to see Carmeh is feeling well. Our grand daughter Abby’s horse Zana has issues with pain and is on pain/anti inflammatory meds. She functions very well now for an old mare and the good news is that she can still be ridden so she remains fit. Inactivity for a long period shortens a life span. Hopefully Carmeh can get back to being the active girl she wants to be. However, everyone enjoys a ride now and then!

    We also have a problem with birds hitting our windows. I put big black hawk stickers on them but still a few hit. I just turn the stunned birds right side up on the porch and leave them. If they are going to live…they do and if not, not much you can do. Same as putting them in a tree.

    Weather wise we enjoyed a sunny week in Kelowna and now it’s sunny in Prince George, not so much in between. See the blog for all the ugly details. Always read your blog…always enjoy it!

    • contessa says:

      Hola Kathy….good to hear that you are home again. Maybe I will see about getting some hawk stickers, certainly worth a try. I just wonder if all the flurry has something to so with spring and mating season. Great to hear that Zana is hanging in and doing so well. What are they going to give us as we age 🙁

  2. Peter says:

    Back in the day when we still had single pane windows a fully grown robin flew through the glass of my bedroom, shattering it all over the place. It then crapped all over my bed and died. I was not a happy camper. I have heard of people putting removable stickers on their windows for the spring months to help birds see the difference between glass and air.

    The rain here in Langley is torrential.

    • contessa says:

      Peter….that would have been horrible, experiencing the robin shattering the window. I’ll see if I can find some stickers, good idea. Hopefully the rain will stop soon.

      George….Colin has this thing with birds, he’s a natural.

  3. Nice to hear Carmeh is recovering quickly.
    And Colin being such great birdman.

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