May 03, 2014

Rainy days are here yet again & need cell phone input!

Todays wind, rain and cool high of 12C/53F certainly is a contrast from yesterdays summery high of 27C/81F.  It was so nice yesterday that I went for an early morning walk.

Spring is certainly here.

The park is alive with display after display of spring flowers.

An original idea to hide the tripod.

...and just around the corner the ugliest dish set up I have seen. This guy really doesn't want anyone knocking down his TV feed.

It didn't take long before my eyes found more beauty.

Then Colin walked the girls, well Carmeh was being carried in her shoulder bag. She really likes it. Colin let her out at the dog park to do her business but all she wanted was to get back into the bag.

Colin was out all day in meeting with clients and doing a few errands. I was having a productive day until he called me wanting to change his cell phone.

That required me to drop what I was doing and go through three files drawers to find the paperwork.  I did but the salesperson Colin was with had no idea what I was talking about.  I suggested to Colin to leave it for another day while I researched the situation.  Our existing cell phone contract is over which will allow Colin to get a new phone however there are complications as I discovered when I call the main office of the phone company.  Colin’s cell is a CMDA device which is so old that it is being phased be the end of August so he has to get another phone anyway.  The new phone will be on an HSTA system that has  SIM card and will have a better range.  While speaking to the agent on the phone she encouraged me to change our phone package.  In a nutshell, we get 500 free minutes per month but have to pay for long distance whereas the new package would give us the same 500 minutes monthly with free long distance within Canada.  We would also be saving $30.39 per month plus any long distance calls he makes on his cell.  A good deal I thought but wanted to discuss it with Colin.  As soon as I hung up I remembered that we have had this package since March 1993 and the best feature was that Colin could call me here at home which is also our office, 100 times per month at no charge.  Sometimes he calls and I am looking things up for him or relaying client messages and even sending emails for him all the while on the phone.  Those one hundred free call are invaluable to us business wise.  So I called back and spoke with another very understanding agent who put me on hold for over 40 minutes while she spoke with the ‘loyalty department’.  I never knew they had such a thing.  Bottom line she was able to provide me the same savings of $30.39 per month plus unlimited airtime 24/7 including the long distance calls etc.  Amazing.  Quite the bargain for $44.80 per month including tax.

So Colin gets to pick a new phone next week at no charge.  He gets to choose from the same old flip phone style he now has or from between the following two. We don’t text, don’t know how, but that might be a possibility down the road but quite unlikely especially now that he has unlimited airtime and long distance.

His second choice is the Huawei Ascend Y210.

His last choice is the Blackberry Curve 9320.

We can read up online about these choices but I was wondering if any of you have used one of these and has some pros and cons to offer.  We won’t be going online with the phone, just using it for phone calls and possibly texting.  Colin needs a phone that is easy to use.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Just hanging around on a damp Saturday.

Bonus, by the time I finished this post, a few of the clouds had cleared and we could see a tiny bit of sun.

UPDATE….one of my readers wants to know what the first phone choice was.

A basic flip phone.

LGF4 A341. This is similar to what Colin has now so he was thinking of updating the look to one of the two phones mentioned above.

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9 Responses to “Rainy days are here yet again & need cell phone input!”

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m glad Carmeh likes the carry bag…. I hope she continues to feel better.
    We just have a Samsung flip phone, but my daughter gave me her older Blackberry Curve…so I may activate it so we both have a phone.
    I had them both unlocked so I could switch out the SIM cards in U.S.

    • contessa says:

      Kelly….she has not rested all day but is finally napping, thank goodness. I have my ATT hot spot device to use with Magic Jack for when we are stopped for the night. I did find out yesterday that for $25.00 I can get what they call a “Roaming Pass” to use with the new phone when in the USA. That gives us 50 minutes of cell phone coverage over a 30 day period if we have an emergency. Right now we are paying $1.50/minute and we used it both coming and going this past season, first for calling vets re Carmeh’s eye problem in October and then on the return in April with the RV problems. This new system should work fine for us coming and going to Mexico, especially at 50 cents per minute.

      Colleen…. I have updated the blog with your request.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks everyone for your comments on the cell phone. I think Colin is going to have to go in and see if he can find the phones and try them out. The phone company was just going to ship one out but I think he actually needs to do a hands on first. As for texting….a photographer has to keep his hands on the camera 🙂

  2. longdog2 says:

    You referenced and showed 2d and 3rd choice…..what was 1st choice?734n

  3. Janet Ashworth says:

    So glad Carmeh is improving!
    The phones, I don’t text, have a phone like Colin’s, but I would stick with something mainstream.
    The first, had a mifi with them, not so impressed. Blackberry.. If the bottom falls out, what then?
    All my rowdy friends have Apple phones. Met with them this weekend, everyone has phone out playing with it. If I were home full time I would have one. I might get an older model, think you should go to an outlet and play. Two years is an eternity if you have a phone you can’t use and don’t like.
    Great deal on the package you picked out.

  4. Rod Williams says:

    I have a Blackberry Torch which looks like a hybrid of the Huawei and the Curve and works great for texting and decent for surfing. If you’re not going to do either of these, stick with the flip phone as it’s all you need. My phone is 4 years old, and works fine. Yours is obviously older and still meets your needs, so why change too much.
    That being said, you might like to join the 21’st Century soon, and learn how to be constantly typing on a screen like the rest of us 😉

  5. Suzie went from a flip phone to an I phone, reluctantly, but now she loves it. We have started texting and I like that too, the message is there to read whenever I get a chance, and can go back to see what is says, when I forget.

  6. gail todd says:

    I recently went from an LG flip phone to a Samsung 4G mini. Got it through Costco. I have had Verizon for years and so do friends and family. I get unlimited calls and text with 1 GB data-which is plenty to check email. It costs me $65 per month. Phone was free with another 2 year sign up-which I wanted to do anyway. Still on a learning curve- I am not tech savvy, but it has been fun. Takes decent pictures too-very easy.

  7. val says:

    Blackberry for business and personal used. No complains!

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