May 02, 2014

For Sale, etc.

Spring is in the air and we almost had summer.  It got up to 24C/75F yesterday and is supposed to get a tad warmer today and then right down to a daytime high of 9C/48F on Sunday so we have to enjoy it while we can.

View of the hillside from inside the house.

Same view zoomed in. Never noticed those wild flowers up there before. Love my new camera.

Autoformer Voltage Controller for sale for $350.00.

VC-50 dual transformer by Powermaster provides the proper corrective boost to the supply voltage, up to 12%. It also provides limited protection against transient voltage spikes and surges of up to 3,580 joules. More information can be found at at Cost new was $670.00USD, great deal at $350.00CAD.
Carmeh is doing much better, in fact almost too good.  She found a frisbee somewhere in the house and trotted over with it to first Colin and then when he wouldn’t play she came over to me.  It is so hard to say no to her but we know it is for her own good.  She had only had 4 dose of Metacam which is so much better for a dog than Prednisone and all of it’s side effects.  I plan to check in with the vet later today to talk about decreasing her dose.  Much as Carmeh wants to she won’t be going for any walks or playing ball or frisbee for quite a while.  When Colin walked Caeli this morning he carried Carmeh in her carry bag so she could get out.
Lynne over at Winnie Views just posted an interesting blog for RVers with a link to an Amazon online site she created just for RV gear.  It is worth taking a look at.



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4 Responses to “For Sale, etc.”

  1. Good that Carmeh is feeling better but the rest is good for even though its kinda hard.

    • contessa says:

      George…..yes we agree that the rest is healing but is sure is difficult to keep her quiet. Now if it was Caeli, she would be happy to rest and sleep all day. She will never have back problems as she is so sedate.

      Lynne….you are welcome and I do love my new camera. Only complaint is that is tad too big to fit into my pocket.

      Bob…yup the Metacam is great. I think that the only person who will buy the Autoformer is an RVer who travels to Mexico.

  2. Glad to hear Carmeh is perking up again, and sounds like you’re getting some nice warmer days– send them to Chicago please!!! It’s been cold and gray here all week!

    I can’t get over how much your new little camera zooms…wow! Glad you’re having fun with it.

    Thanks for the linky love to our new site too! Have a good weekend!

  3. Bob says:

    Good news on the pup. I guess the medication must really work. Can’t use the Autoformer though, sorry.

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