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May 31, 2014

They are here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stayed tuned to see if we have a wild night or a quiet night  😆  


May 30, 2014

The day started at 4:00AM with a lost puppy

Actually Colin’s day started at 4:00AM ( and he only went to bed at 1:00AM ), my day started at 4:30AM.  One of the girls woke me and I got up when I realized that Colin was not in bed.  Nor was he in the bathroom or in the house.  Did he have an early […]


May 29, 2014

Things happen in threes

I’ve been quite busy the last few days, lots of phone calls, much research and many decisions to make.  My Dad, who is still in hospital, has been calling quite often and many of these things seem to take longer than anticipated.  All leaving no time to post.  We have had nothing but wind and […]


May 26, 2014

Time to ‘fess up

Did anyone notice how at the beginning of our time on the Isla this past winter, any food photos I posted were all healthy? Did anyone notice that from January on, all the food photos were full of calories? I blew it!  But I did decide to go off the wagon as they say and […]


May 25, 2014

Working Weekend

Saturday was a nice day so we worked outside.  Somehow one or two tasks kept growing.  Check that the fire pit was working, set out our rope lights and solar lights, sweep away the cobwebs, etc. Today, Sunday, was definitely an inside day as we had rain shower after rain shower, that is in between […]


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