Apr 09, 2014

104 in the shade!!!

Hola from Yuma!  Do people really live here year round?  Loco!  It’s only early April.

The past 48 hours have not been fun at all.  We stayed in a Passport America RV Park in Ajo last night and  I have to say that it was a very unpleasant experience.  The staff were rude and uncaring and none of the pull thru sites were level.  We had to use 2 of our jack pads under the back right tires and one under the front right tire and the last one under the front right jack and we were still twisted and heading downhill plus our slides were right against some trees.  We will never ever return there again.  Normally we boondock, but we needed to have WiFi to check on my Dad’s situation and to research who we could contact this morning for help with the A/C repairs.  We did go to the only RV repair shop in Ajo but they would not even take the time to check the situation.  Too busy.

Fortunately my Dad is doing alright despite being rather sore in certain areas.  We were driving at 7:00AM this morning while it was still cool with a list of shops to call as we got closer to Yuma.  We did find one person who could take us without an appointment, CJ RV Repairs, and they were able to fix the overhead A/C.  Something to do with the circuit board.  It did stop again midday but Colin now knew what to do to repair it.  We may need to get the circuit board replaced.  Meanwhile we have an appointment for Friday morning in Parker to get the front end A/C repaired.  So now we drive with the generator running so we can run the overhead A/C.  George asked about our second A/C unit, yes it is working but with the temperature the way it is and driving West into the sun it does nothing to combat the heat.  It seems that this area of the country is in the midst of a heat wave and we are in right in the middle of it.  Yesterday as we drove I kept putting ice packs on the girls to try and cool them.

Today I was able to get an AT&T SIM card for my unlocked wireless hotspot device and sorted out all the to do’s and the many don’ts and hundred of exceptions re having a monthly account with them.  It will be the perfect solution for us while traveling in the USA.  This afternoon we checked into another Passport America RV Park, Arizona Sands, here in Yuma.  Lovely park and staff , but oh so very very hot.  The manager figured we would use up $8.00 of electricity before checking out in the morning.  Yes it is that hot.  Good thing we only had to pay $18.00.  But what a waste of a day, just sitting inside.  When the temperatures started to go down to about 95F we saw people coming out of their RV’s.  I so miss the Isla and Mexico.  It is very very dry here, our skin is shrivilling up and our noses are so dry and irritated.  I tried my new neti pot but the relief lasted less than an hour.  Our A/C has been on for 12 hours now and I just hate it.  The dogs are very unhappy.  The good news is that once we get all of the air conditioning functioning we will be just a day away from cooler temps as we head North. Starting tomorrow we will be boondocking until we get home on the 18th.  The next two nights will be the worst because of the heat.

I know I have yet to post about the rest of our trip out of Mexico and I will do so along with some photos. I also will reply to your comments.  Right now we are in crisis management plus Colin is working on a quote for a huge year long photo contract so I no longer have unlimited access to the computer.

Sunset in Yuma taken while enduring fire hot winds.

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6 Responses to “104 in the shade!!!”

  1. Good luck with your repairs.

  2. Suzanne says:

    ugh! You poor dears. Well, thank goodness our homes have wheels, and you will soon be rolling once again. I know what you mean about the skin and nose. I have gone through a gallon of lotion since I have been in the west, and I used to have somewhat oily skin! I keep thinking I will adapt, but not yet…eye drops are now my constant companion. I will send positive thoughts your way, and trust you will soon be rolling again. As Churchill said, “When you are going through hell….keep going!” 😉

  3. chris says:

    It’s hot and just about everywhere. We had 104F last week and here in McAllen today it is 87F and not too bad. We love the southwest but I’m sure once we get there we will want to get headed north and into cooler climes. I hope that a/c gets fixed and fast.

  4. Bob says:

    That would be too hot for me. I’d be tempted to just keep driving through the night, just to try and get somewhere cooler. At least you have some air conditioning, but after a time it’s just not pleasant.

  5. Dolores tanner says:

    What trip home for you guys.. hope all goes well the rest of the way!!!

  6. longdog2 says:

    Great photo. Sorry you are suffering from the heat but it’s still better than freezing. Glad the A/C is working.

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