Apr 07, 2014

Not our best travel day

Mexico has a different time change date that the rest of North America.  It happened @ 2 AM yesterday, Sunday.  So we had planned to leave at 5:30AM but that, 24 hours later, now became 6:30AM due to the time change and light.  We actually left at 6:15AM.  We should have left earlier.

It is 10:30PM and after a 12 hour day on the road I am beyond exhausted so please forgive spelling and grammar and other errors.

Our site as we backed out the RV and before we backed in the car and then the RV. We did this early in the day Sunday as we had Eric the RV repair guy come out to do some last minute tunes ups. We did get in our normal beach walks but not as much free time as we had anticipated.

We did say our goodbyes to the Isla but should have left even earlier.

This might have been my first sunrise I observed this season.

It did take a full hour to do the road!!  In the past month it has become very very washboard and not so much fun to travel.  We did hear just a day before we left that plans are in the works to pave the road.  Not just gossip and anticipation but facts on paper with completion dates.  It seemed to take forever to get thru Mazatlan today, lots of traffic.  We just travelled as we could with very quick stops are needed.  I doubt that we stopped more than an hour in the entire 12 hour journey.

Loved all the tomato trunks. Sinaloa is an agriculture state.

Not sure what they were going to do with these corm stalks.

Many firsts today....more wind than we have ever dealt with on the road and it did affect our travel not to mention the severe dust conditions. We even saw a cow wandering all over the road. Certainly a good reminder not to travel at night.

We finally checked into Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos just minutes before closing time at 6PM.  For some unknown but likely expensive reason to repair ,our A/C was only functioning at 50%.  The temperature in the driving area of the RV was close to 90 degrees F and was way too warm for both the girls and us.  We turned on the generator and started up the front A/C unit which made a huge difference.

As I checked in, I ran into Bob who had arrived less than 30 minutes earlier. He and 2 other RV's has also left Mazatlan this morning. As it turns out, we were 5 RV's from B.C. and 2 from Alberta. Our visit to Bob & Sandy interrupted their dinner and they in turn got us pre dinner but we did manage a good quick visit. I am happy to say that they mostly came to Mexico because of my blog and they loved the city. They have more news to share but perhaps Bob will do a guest post. It was great to finally meet the Frenchies, Jacques and Ruby.

Shortly after they left, Jenny & Joe came knocking at the door They checked in tonight just minutes behind us. They came to the Isla for just a few days and left a few days before us. As you can see by the clock, it was 9PM and we still had not had dinner. We had a brief but pleasant visit.

It is hot here!!!!  33C @ 9PM!  The electricity here is the pits and we don’t do any hook ups even though we pay full price, the only price they offer.  I begged Colin to plug in so we could run 2 fans.  It is so warm here.  They say that they support 30 AMPS yet we can’t even get our overhead fans to turn on. never mind the A/C.

Meanwhile, just as I was about to serve dinner the computer chimed with a new email. It was my sister letting me know that my father had fallen at a store in town and was taken to to hospital by ambulance and after several tests was released.  He is home tonight but I don’t have all the details of the problems.

Yes it is time for us to be heading North.

Tomorrow we will be exiting Mexico via Sonoyta/Lukeville, Arizona.

A long travel day of 390 miles but much shorter than our 510 miles of today.



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5 Responses to “Not our best travel day”

  1. Some very long travel days, hope you can enjoy the journey.

  2. Yep, that’s an expensive parking spot. Can’t see us stopping in there if we ever head that way.

  3. Bob says:

    I’m surprised you wrote anything, considering how long a day you had. Pretty sure I’d take “too hot” over “too cold” any given day.

  4. Teri says:

    I hope that your dad is ok!

  5. Renee says:

    Hi Contessa! Hope you two have a much better travel day today. I will keep your dad in my prayers!

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