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Apr 29, 2014

CRAZY 23 hours

I have been back from my Mother’s memorial service for only 23 hours.  It was more than I expected and I was extremely touched as were many of the speakers.  Many many tears were shed.  I will fill you in on this another day.  I really would like to. I arrived exhausted yesterday and while […]


Apr 27, 2014

Flying to Edmonton this morning

My regular readers will remember that when my mother passed away last July, I could not go back home as I had just very recently had a hip replaced and could not travel.  At the time of her death my mother’s body was donated at her request, to the University of Alberta Anatomical Gifts Program. […]


Apr 26, 2014

Que pasa

We spent Friday catching up on personal matters which involved a lot of phone time.  I did manage to get out and pick up my car insurance and at the same time do some grocery shopping. Sticker shock.  We have been eating what I had purchased in the US last week and this was my […]


Apr 25, 2014

I did it !!!!!

I finally got the year end completed.  My eyes were burning and I did have to resort to eye drops the last day. Not only did I get it done but I balanced the entire year to the penny  😀  That does not happen too often, especially on the first try. Then I called our […]


Apr 24, 2014

iMac surgery

My computer has been running slow and over the winter Lynne, the fearless solo traveller, suggested I increase the RAM as that would likely help.  She also shared with me an online site in the USA that sells parts and all things computer at very reasonable costs.  I just discovered that they have a Canadian […]


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