Mar 20, 2014

Que Pasa ?

We have been dealing with wicked March winds.  The dust is so thick that unless you keep your windows closed it is impossible to keep your RV dust free.  Fortunately our dust screen along the fence spares us from the worst of it.  Plus our palapa simply has the dust going over top of us and further along into the RV park.  It was so windy in Mazatlan that they declared a wind warning a few days ago.

We have a job keeping our 3 fantastic fans dust free. This is after just 5 days.

We have been very happy with our hot temperatures which are getting even warmer by the day, but then last Monday the humidity went way down to 20%.  Suddenly the air was very dry and breathing was an issue due to dry dry nasal passages.  Fortunately that was a one day event and we are back to normal humidity of between 50 to 70%.  We are certainly not looking forward to heading to Yuma and Quartzsite and the dryness.  It takes us a week to readjust.  The Okanagan where we live is also a very dry area.

Colin took Carmeh to the vet on Tuesday and she is now on antibiotics.  He suspects she got bit by an insect or had a perforation by something, a thorn or who know what.  We have run out of epsom salts so the soaks have stopped as we can’t find any here in Mazatlan.  Her toe is still fat but the lump of pus and blood had gone down, mostly due to the soaks I think.  So now it is a matter of time.  We are now allowing her to do her walks but no frisbee catching for a while.

The RVer who was air evacuated to a hospital in Canada for heart surgery will be going home today.  He had done very well since the procedure and now needs to rest and rebuild.  We look forward to seeing him back here next November.

We are enjoying our last few weeks.  Lots of relaxation as we know we will hit the ground running once we get home.  Already the photography jobs are coming in.  We are also doing some spring cleaning in the RV and getting rid of things we have not used in the last few years.  No sense carrying things back and forth for nothing.    Perhaps due to the consistently warm weather this winter I have not made as many soups and stews as I normally due.  We have also been eating out more this year and my staples and canned goods seem to hardly have been touched.  Good thing it can all be used back at home.

I received an unexpected visit from Renee, a long time blog reader. She and her husband are renting a house in Centro for a few months. Due to family situations they have not been to Mazatlan for a few years so my blog helped her stay in touch.

Surprise! You have to know that Renee is a dedicated blog reader if she brings me a gift of a favorite wine! Thanks so much!

Other friends came over for happy hour the other day. The ocean was so calm that Peggy was able to spot the dolphins. Lots of jumping and playfulness. We have seen more dolphins this year than any other season.

Mike joined Peggy & Robin and us for a drink around the fire. Another lovely evening. Sadly the countdown is on for all of us.

Last night we were treated to year another wonderful sunset.

We have two new RV’s in the park, stopping on their trek North.  The people thought the sunset spectacular as is the beach.  We do live in paradise here on the Isla.






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5 Responses to “Que Pasa ?”

  1. Nancy says:

    I’m so glad I don’t have to leave, I love Mazatlán year round! If you want epsom salts I have bought them at Bótica del Carmen across from the mercado on Serdan. It is an old apothecary type compounding farmacy and they have everything. sulfato de magnesio

    • contessa says:

      Nancy…..thanks so much for the info on where to get the Epsom salts.

      Sandie….how sad for that family. Glad you have more time here in Mexico.

      George…I have a neti pot on order. Thanks!

      Chris….We leave here April 7th!

  2. Sandie says:

    Glad to hear that Carmeh’s paw is doing better. Poor baby. One of our neighbors here in our park is having to fly back to Canada because they found a mass on his colon. His friends are all trying to get his motorhome packed up and a grandson is going to drive it up to Canada for them. We won’t be headed out until the middle of May but we aren’t Canadians which makes it so much easier for us.

  3. We have been pretty luck in Arizona this year with less dust than usual. For the dry nasal passages we use our neti pots, they work great.

  4. chris says:

    A great pic of Peggy looking out over the ocean. When are you guys heading home?

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