Mar 15, 2014

2 visits to town and 2 cruise ships

Last Tuesday it was time for me to be crowned.  We were off to Dr. Paty’s office for my final crown.  I have to say I have become even more impressed with this dentist.  Have you ever been in a dental office where the chair is wiped down with disinfectant between patients and the floor mopped?

It is a very clean and modern facility. This is one of the photos Colin took for her website, soon to be updated.

This photo was a combination of several photos that Colin had taken. She wanted to show off her office and he had to make do with the limited camera equipement he has here in Mexico.

My crown fit perfectly and once again the attention to detail was amazing.  She also did a complete check of my mouth looking for any further problems.  I was surprised to hear that I had a cavity under an existing crown that already has a root canal.  I will check that out with my dentist at home before deciding what to do.

By then we were hungry and went next door to El Fish Market ( up near the El Cid Marina ) where we happened upon Hannelore & Peter having lunch. I'm beginning to loose track of the number of times we keep bumping into this lovely couple.

On the way back to the Isla it was obvious that the shrimp season was over.

Wednesday morning brought two cruise ships into port.  This is the first time in many years that Mazatlan has had two ships in at the same time.  The article describing the arrival details and the future of cruise ships in Mazatlan can be found here.  An excerpt indicates a better tourist economy next season.

A statement released by the Secretary’s office, said, “After holding several meetings with executives of the largest cruise lines in the world, who are meeting at the Miami Beach Convention Center, we can confirm that the Norwegian and Holland America lines, which already have made calls on the port, will increase their frequencies to this destination.”

Córdova Celaya said that between the 60 already confirmed arrivals between Princess, Holland America and Norwegian, Mazatlán will receive a total of 101,000 tourists and 48,000 crewmen during the 2014-2015 season.

The Norwegian Star arriving about 7:00AM.

Wednesday morning had us going back into town yet again.

The Holland America ship, the Veedam looks much smaller, however when we sailed on it, it was plenty large enough for us.

Always something to see on the panga heading over to Mazatlan. Loved this earring. I have picked shells like this on the beach here on the Isla. An older lady on the boat asked this guy about his earring and he took it off and showed her the large hole in his ear. She just laughed.

I have often wondered who these two beauties are. Their lovely red hair and fair freckled complexion seems out of place for the Isla. They as many older students go to school in Mazatlan.

Then it was time to see Diego, my chiropractor. It is hard to relax while this is being done to you but it works! His hands are so large.

After some grocery shopping and a light lunch at the mercado it was time to head back to the Isla.  It is much warmer in town than on the beaches of the Isla, not to mention that town was full of tourists from the cruise ships.

A freighter was being turned around in port. There was a tug boat on this side on the left and a tug boat on the far side on the right and they were swivelling the ship a full 180 degree turn. This is how the cruise ships are turned when they arrive. Sorry for poor quality of photo, I am buying a new one on the way back to Canada.

Hard to believe that when we arrived the sun was below where the palm tree is pointing, between the two hills. Soon it will time to pack up and head North to our other life.

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8 Responses to “2 visits to town and 2 cruise ships”

  1. Nice to get that crown fixed again, hope it stays in place this time for you.

    • contessa says:

      George, it was the temporary crown that came out which they tend to do from time to time. This the final is in for good unless it has to be cut out. No worries, it was a great job.

  2. chris says:

    People fall in love and stay. Maz is a port so there are many who have come on ships. In Tamico you peruse the phone directory and there are names from Russia, India, France, etc.

    Here in Monterrey we have a large Jewish community and there are several people with my last name, Bauer. Most people don’t know their background and others have detailed stories. Here in the north most foreigners came here from Europe when mining was booming in the 1800s. The Jewish community flourished in the late 30s and early 40s.

    I bet if you check a Maz phone book you might be surprised. A lot of people in Mexico City have European and Chinese last names and are in politics, theater and television.

  3. chris says:

    Oops, Tampico.

  4. longdog2 says:

    Busy days. Glad your tooth is all fixed now.

  5. Marty says:

    If we ever need dental work while in Mazatlan I’ll have to get Dr. Paty’s number. She sounds like a great dentist.

    • contessa says:

      Marty… just have to Google ” Dr. Paty and Mazatlan “. She is very close to where you stay.

      Lynda….I agree you need the massage due to the dental stress. Good like with the rest of your dental work.

  6. Lynda says:

    Always love the photos of life around Mazatlan & Isla Piedra. I am also getting much dental work done in Algodones while we’re here in Yuma, and think I’m going to need a massage for my ouchy neck and back, caused most likely by my dental anxiety. But all procedures have been good and very impressive!

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