Mar 10, 2014

RV Accident & Adios!

On March 1 st I made a link on my post to Jacqui & Cameron’s blog.  They are a young couple taking a year off to drive their RV down to South America.  A few days ago they left the Isla to continue their dream journey.

Mere hours after leaving here they decided to take in a view point in Tepic. A mistake.

Most unfortunately they were involved in an accident.  Happily they were not injured but their RV was.  You can read their story here as well as the next chapter.

They were able to limp back to the Isla were its magical powers are helping to heal them and their rig. The dream will continue.

Meanwhile there was a gathering at RV1 to say adios to two couples, one who left today and another leaving tomorrow.

Later, four of us meandered down the beach for a farewell dinner.

Really Bob, that hat does look good on you! Buy it!

Actually it looks better on Marjorie.

The end of another great season. See you in November!

They left at 6:45 this morning with plans for a few more adventures in Mexico before heading North. Safe travels!

Meanwhile on our beach walk this morning we encountered a seal on the beach, not too far from RV2.

It doesn't look like he had been beached for too long. I hope that he had had a good life. R.I.P.

Somehow I seem to have been turned onto several other blogs all dealing with travels to South America.  If you like please check them out.

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6 Responses to “RV Accident & Adios!”

  1. chris says:

    Ouch! How did things turn out with their insurance, transito and all the gory details? Wow, South America, that is on my list.

    • contessa says:

      Chris if you read their blog it is all explained. In reality their RV is a write off but they are still doing the repairs and continuing with their journey. The most amazing thing is that they transported the three people in the wrecked car that hit them back to Mazatlan and gave them money for the rest of the journey.

  2. Barbara says:

    Following your link, I had already started to follow Jacqui and Cameron. How quickly tides can turn. At least they were able to return to Mazatlan and friendly helpful faces at Tres Amigos. Their attitudes are admirable and I hope they can soon restart better than before.

    I’m always up to follow new travelers/adventurers.

    • contessa says:

      Barbara they are the sweetest kids as we all tend to refer them. But what a job they have ahead of them.

      Cheryl….yes the same RV but no where as near as nice as yours, especially at the moment. They are young and have tons of energy. We shall follow the rebuild process.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Wow, their RV is much like my Toyota Dolphin. I hope all goes well and they continue on their way soon!

  4. Too bad about the accident, but at least no one was hurt, thats a good thing.

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