Mar 01, 2014

Adios and Hola

It is time to say adios to Chris and Roger.  A week sure goes by fast.  They are flying off to their Baja home this morning for two weeks of R & R there.

We enjoyed our visits with you over the past week and our final dinner at Lety's!

We have also had a few RVer’s leave this last week and a very special adios to Jacqui & Rolf and to Maureen & Duncan.  Safe travels.

We welcome Nancy and Randy back to the Isla. They are here until the end of March.

Nancy and Randy did bring their RV here for one season but somehow ended up buying a home in Casa Grande, Arizona for the winter months and now stay in a hotel when they visit the Isla.  They are Canadians and live in the NW part of Ontario in the remote but very special area of Atikokan.  Their home in Casa Grande is for sale and once that sells they plan to buy another RV.  Whether they are RVing or hoteling it, they are Isla lovers and come visit every year.

We also welcomed three more RV's to Tres Amigos in the past few days.

Actually there was another new RV to the park but they moved elsewhere on the Isla to boondock.  They are a young couple from San Fransico enroute to Chile, South America who just started a blog.  It has been a busy week of folks coming and going.

Dental Update

My temporary crown fell out last night!  It seems that my dentist is closed for Carnival so after much scrambling and several phone calls I have found another dentist who is open this morning.  So we are off to Centro to yet another new dentist to have my crown cemented in.  Then we can finally start to enjoy Carnival.

Meanwhile Mother Nature saw fit the other night to say hola and adios to all of our friends.

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4 Responses to “Adios and Hola”

  1. Always stuff to do there.
    Good luck with another crown.

    • contessa says:

      George….I still had the temporary crown, it just needed to be re cemented into place.

      Lynne…Got the crown done by 1PM and hit the ground running from there. I thought you would enjoy that link. I think that night the sunset was just a fluke, it ha=s been pretty tame since.

  2. oh my, looks like you’re staying busy! I see that the pair of Bobs are back to the back row again! Say “hi” to them for me! Sorry to hear about your temporary coming loose– hope you get fixed up in time for Carnival!

    Love that blog link to the young couple with the Dolphin. They’re doing my dream trip, so I’ll look forward to following their adventure.

    Sounds like lots of comings and goings this time of year at the Isla, but a lot better sunsets too…wow!

  3. Nancy says:

    What a nice visit ……it was good seeing you and colin
    hope to stop by again before we leave for Arizona end of March

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