Feb 28, 2014

Que pasa!!

This past week seems to be as busy as Christmas was.  So much happening that my head is spinning!

~I had another visit with the dentist for my crown prep.  Good news, she can do it with just one crown.  A few weeks ago she was worried she might have to do a double crown to protect the tooth but it is strong enough with the post she put in last week.  Cost for the crown is 4900 pesos and the post is 1000 pesos, approximately $493.00 CAD ( $443.00USD ), a savings of $807.00 CAD by  having it done here rather than at home.  The root canal was 3200 pesos or $240.00 CAD saving me $1060.00 over the cost at home.  So a total savings of $1867.00 CAD.  That’s almost 3 months of rent here for next season.  I am more than happy with my decision to have the dentistry done here by Dr. Paty.

~Colin was also hired to take photos for Dr. Paty’s website.  We’ll let you know when that is done.

~great news for Mazatlan, Carnival Cruise Lines has decided to return next season as has Holland America.

~sadly one of the RVers here on the Isla was taken to hospital Monday evening where it was discovered that he has very serious heart issues and needs immediate open heart surgery.  He was quickly and efficiently diagnosed here at Sharps Hospital in Mazatlan.  His Canadian medical insurance company insisted he be air lifted back to Ottawa, Ontario for the surgery.  He was air lifted out by Lear jet at 3:00AM Thursday morning.  We wish you all the best Barrie and Helene.  They were happy to have the surgery done here but the decision was not theirs to make.  Certainly the recovery would have been preferable here than in the cold, snow and wind back in Canada.

~another trip to the vet!!  Caeli has intestinal parasites……long story.  Yes she is on heartworm and hookworm medication taken monthly in the form of Iverhart Plus.  A few weeks ago I noticed tiny blood spots on the bed.  I thought she had cut herself.  A few days later I noticed very tiny blacks dots on the bed and when I used the magnifier I thought that those dots looked like curled up worms.  So we took samples and the dogs to our vet here in Mazatalan.  Yes she has worms, he thought hookworms but who really knows and how can it be if she is taking special preventative medication?  So the girls each got a treatment via a dose of  Vermiplex Plus 10. Colin took Caeli in yet again a few days ago as after one week we were still seeing tiny black dots.  The girls were given another dose of Vermiplex Plus 10.  I guess there are different forms of worms out here.  The vet suggested that she got infested by just walking on the beach and possibly by stepping on something that was infected.  Caeli has been a paw licker since a puppy and we have been unable to stop her even using Bitter Apple and at 10 years of age I am not going to stop her.  So the theory is that she stepped on something ‘bad’ and licked it thus putting it in her system.  Hopefully we have seen the end of this situation.

~Colin only noticed that his car keys were missing when he returned from the vet.  So he walked back to the RV park from the panga all the while carrying Caeli.  Once here he found the extra set of keys and was about to walk back to the car when John offered to drive him.  As they were driving to the panga Lorrie flagged them down and told him she had his keys.  It seems that as he got off on the Mazatlan side the keys fell out of him pocket and a Mexican who saw it happen picked them up and handed them to Lorrie.  She was still on the Mazatlan side with the keys when he returned to the Isla.  She wrote her message on our very dusty car ( always a reason to have a dusty car ) when she got back and of course he was back and returning to the car with the other keys.  Nice to have the keys back.  Thanks Lorrie.

~the Canadian Snowbird Association has just published some information to help crossing into the USA.  A fellow RVer has published the info on her blog here.  I suggest you have a look at the list as some of the things mentioned will surprise you and many are ideas that we need to incorporate into the information we travel with.

Colin is keeping our Weber BBQ clean with regular power washing.

Happy Carnival everyone!!

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11 Responses to “Que pasa!!”

  1. Glad to see you’re now a Mexican dental convert!!! Now I’m kicking myself for not getting my crown done by Dr. Paty. I’m not sure my front tooth will make it all the way to next Winter and I may have to pay the big bucks for one in the US this summer (but I’ll keep fingers crossed that it can wait for Dr. Paty)!

    Hope Dr. Rafael gets Caeli on the mend soon. He sure got Millie fixed up nicely!

    Have a GREAT time at Carnival this weekend!!!

    • contessa says:

      Lynne…..I hope you can wait for that crown, it would pay for some rent down here. Wish you were here to share Carnival with us.

      George….Colin was more than happy to get those keys back. Those fobs with the auto door opener cost a bundle.

  2. Great deal on your dental work, and so nice that Colin got his keys back too.

  3. Dr. Paty’s prices are great compared to the ripoff Canadian dentists, but she’s still quite a bit more expensive that Mexican dentists who don’t deal with tourists.

    • contessa says:

      That is true Kevin but those cheaper Dentists are not always a good choice. There is another ( actually WAS ) popular dentist for the RVers here in Mazatlan and we know four people who have had infections and needed their crowns redone back in Canada. Sometimes it pays to pay a bit more at the beginning.

    • contessa says:

      Plus the cheaper dentists here seem to have a lack of modern dental equipment. I prefer not to use a styrofoam cup as my spit up cup. Not for me. That is why I moved to Dr Paty. I am not referring to the Mexican border towns that are frequented by Canadians and Americans alike, as most of those dentists are up to date.

  4. Ruth says:

    I sure hope the man who was returned to Ottawa for treatment has ended up at The Ottawa Heart Institute.

    • contessa says:

      Yes Ruth he is at the Ottawa Heart Institute. Sadly the Canadian system works slower than here in Mexico and he is scheduled for more tests before surgery. It might even be as long as a two week wait.

  5. chris says:

    Love the message written on the car! As for leftover wine, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Do they call it swill? 🙂

  6. Ruth McIntyre says:

    I originally sent a few comment about my husbands experience in Orlando 4 years ago….they were prepared to do a quadruple by-pass until our Health Ins said no-way….we flew home by air ambulance and he spent 1 night at the Heart Institue, was released the next day and has had nothing since. He spent 4 days in the hospital in Olrando and it cost our Insurance company 144,000.oo which they paid. We have reason to believe when the US medical sees a Canadian with full coverage its gung ho!!! Private room in hospital looked like a 5 star resort on the Riviera. Now I will try this comment thing again LOL

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