Feb 05, 2014

Que pasa!!

Yesterday started with a long pulmonia drive up the Malecon, almost to the Ed Cid Marina.  I was off to see Dr. Paty.

She has a wonderful modern dental practice and comes highly recommended. I wanted to get another opinion on my tooth. The root is indeed dying and there is some sign of infection. She will do the root canal herself on Saturday morning. She is not an endodontist but I think she will do a good job.

It was a beautiful day and we walked for a few blocks.  We kept getting hounded by guys trying to sell us a time share or to take a tour so we hopped back into a pulmonia.  How I love the tranquility of the Isla.

Meanwhile Mazatlan is getting ready to party.  The giant paper mache statues, monigotes, depicting the theme of Carnivale  are going up along the malecon.  We went past too fast to get a photo.  The theme this year is The Skin of the Sea.  This is a great website giving all the details of Carnivale as well as a few videos of years past.

Stopped to get some fresh dorado for dinner at fish market next to the embarcadero.

When we got back to the RV we were greeted much quieter than normal.  Carmeh could barely make it down the stairs.  Something was wrong with her front right leg.  She could barely put any weight on it and was limping when she tried to walk.  We checked and could see nothing nor did she flinch as we checked her out.  Finally we called our vet in Kelowna who gave us some advice, a few more areas to check and what to give as medication.  I travel with a bunch of dog medication as well as people medication.  She was on bed rest for the rest of the day.

For the first time in days I got a few hours to relax and read and Colin got some guitar time in.

Soon it was time to start cooking the dorado.

We had dorado burgers as we watched the sunset. We wanted to make up for the disappointment of the Beach Burger from the night before.

We picked a good night for our beach front dining.

The colors continue to amaze me.

Caught this little guy enjoying one of the oranges we put out for the birds.

Sorry to all of you at home in Kelowna dealing with the -23C  (-9.4 F ) temperatures.  Once again we will be experiencing our daily high of 26C (79 F ).

Carmeh is doing better this morning and barely limping but no beach walks or frisbee catching for her today.


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4 Responses to “Que pasa!!”

  1. Nothing quite like fresh dorado burgers while enjoying the sunset.

    • contessa says:

      George….well only a nice glass of vino blanco of course!

      Kathy…..we have but only as fas south as San Felipe. I will get back to you via email.

      Longdog…..yes Carmeh has had a quick recovery, thank goodness. We had her on the beach for a small walk today and no limping. We did carry her over the deeper sand under we got to the waters edge and the packed sand. We will spoil her for few more days and carry her in and out just to be sure. Sorry about you sunshine.

  2. Kathy Garcia says:

    Just found your blog and am wondering if you have camped along Sea of Cortez on Baja side. We’d like to go there and would like to know more.

  3. longdog2 says:

    Glad to hear Carmeh is doing better and that you finally got your fish sandwich. I am down in the Rio Grande Valley right now but somebody took the sun and heat away before I got here.

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