Dec 28, 2013

Sun, relaxation and sunsets

The past few days have just been spectacular.  The weather is hot and sunny.  It could not be more perfect.

We had a new visitor arrive on Thursday. Another first timer to the Isla. Suzanne is a full time RVer.

She is a friend of Lynne’s and also has a Winnie as Lynne and Evelyn do.  However she left her RV in Texas and bused down here for a few days.  More on that tomorrow.  We enjoyed an impromptu happy hour and then watched the sunset.

One of the nicest yet but then I say that at least once per week.

This was taken just a few moments later.

The colors soon changed to a deep pink red and soon we were surrounded by a 360 degree colored sky.

With his camera, Colin took four shots to create this panoramic photo. Again the colors were deepening.

Yesterday I just sat in the sun and read. Yes there was a glass of vino blanco with me but it was on the ground out of the sun. You know it's hot if I'm wearing a hat.

Another different sunset last evening.

Words aren't enough to describe it.


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5 Responses to “Sun, relaxation and sunsets”

  1. Linda & Russell says:

    I can tell you’re much more relaxed than you were a few months ago…the sun and salt air does wonders….along with some vino (or Pacifico)!! Enjoying all the pictures – wishing we were there….

    • contessa says:

      Linda….I do feel much more relaxed. Wish you were here now also.


      Suzanne… glad you could join us even for just a few days.


  2. Whats not to like with the warm sunny weather, vino blanco, a good book and colorful sunset.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Thanks again for the fun visit, Contessa! It was such a special treat to finally see one of those famous sunsets in person. What a beautiful spot!

  4. longdog2 says:

    Great pic of you and the sunsets too.

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