Dec 01, 2013

Party time…

…we’ve been having too much fun to post.  I promise to catch you up over the next few days.  Last evening we hosted a post luck for the RV1 group.  We started early and finished late, very late, more about that later.

There were 16 of us in all. We do have 18 RV's here but one is a single person and another is waiting for family to join him.

I was concerned that we would not have enough food or the right mix of salads, veggies and main course. Many brought 2 dishes and we had lots of delicious food to choose from.

This was Colin’s plate and he is missing many of the dishes including meat balls and chicken.

For those of you who were sitting under our palapa this is the sunset you missed.

A happy and very full group of campers.

The two empty chairs in the last photo belong to these two pretty ladies.

It was just a lovely evening of quiet conversation and comaraderie and everyone getting to know each other.

For the past day and a half we have seen signs of the restaurant next door setting up for a gala event.  Beer trucks, table and chairs delivered and many decorations being set up.  The restaurant had been rented for the evening for a wedding.  Normally the restaurant is only open for a few hours during the day and has no effect on us, but last night was going to be the exception.  The band took an hour to set up and were loud, in fact you could say that they were booming!  What to do but open another bootle of vino blanco and relax and go with the flow.

There was quite the light show that illuminated the ocean waves, very pretty.

After the opening number the band played a slow waltz. I quickly grabbed Colin for a spin around our yard. John captured the moment.

Shortly thereafter the thumping began...

...and continued until around 3:00AM or so. We simply closed our windows and turned on the A/C to drown out the noise but the RV was still vibrating.

Now that was a party.





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8 Responses to “Party time…”

  1. chris says:

    Good grief woman, that was buffet fit for a king! Looks like you guys had a good time. You’re doing a good job of luring us to the island! Keep it up.

    • contessa says:

      Chris…..there were plenty of leftovers!

      Marty…it sure felt good to be moving around dancing even though it was only a waltz.

      Val…we are happy you are here also.

      Sandi & Tony….we miss you also, wish you were here, maybe next year.

      Lynda…one day you might be down here with us, you just never know.

  2. Marty says:

    So glad your hip is well enough to dance.

  3. val love says:

    fab night contess we are so glad we are here and next door from you vino friendxxx

  4. Sandi and Tony and ivy says:

    We are all missing you and slowly getting settled in Lo de Marcos. Sorry to have missed your FUN evening but it was lovely to see the pic’s and share in your happenings. Our first reply so hope it works!

  5. Lynda says:

    That was quite a potluck and party! Enjoyed every minute of it. You sure have a large group there in RV1! Have fun, look forward to more…

  6. Sandi and Tony and ivy says:

    By the way, Contessa and Colin, CONGRATULATIONS on all those silver awards – such a gorgeous home and spot on the lake. Beautiful photo’s.

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