Nov 01, 2013

Ready to go but a vacation first

Thursday was exhausting.  We drove from Vegas to Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu has it all, great mountain views and the wonderful Colorado River.

Once we arrived at the local Walmart I was greeted by long time friend Libby.

We did nurses training together way back when.  Libby lives with MS and manages very well.  She lives half the year in Lake Havasu but was pressed for time today so we had a short visit while she was between errands.

After Libby left I did our final shopping before crossing into Mexico.  Honestly it was my final final.  The fridge is full and of course the RV is also.  Well almost.  Just  two days before we left home Colin discovered that our BBQ was not going to last more than a few weeks.  So I went online and made numerous calls and bought us a BBQ.  A Weber of course as per our friend and “The Weber “Q” Man of Blogland”, George.

So here we are at Home Depot in Lake Havasu were we purchased a Weber 200 on sale for $159.00. What we didn't know is that it was a display item and had no box and we were short on storage space.

So it has to travel inside the RV for now, along with everything else 😕

We are really travelling in the overfull mode and I am counting the seconds until we get to the Isla and can unload.  Yet another newbie RVer to the Isla, thanks to this blog, is arriving on Stone Island Nov. 1st.  Sorry I am not there to greet you Carol but you are at least 2 -4 weeks ahead of schedule.  Please enjoy and relax and I will see you in a week.

From Lake Havasu we headed to Parker where we picked up our black tank chemicals, filled the RV with diesel @ 3.69/gallon and filled the propane tank.  We are ready to go, ready to cross the border into Mexico.

But first we need a holiday.  We have been going flat out.  Once the business was put to bed for 6 months, the RV loaded and ready to go and the drive from cold to heat and all the preparatory shopping done, we, well me in particular, were tired.  So we ended Thursday by a final drive to the BLM lands near Quartzsite.

Now who do you think we should run into in the BLM lands? Non other than John and Val, who will be our next door neighbors on the Isla.

Just a few days ago they emailed and asked if they could travel with us.  Their original travel companion is having medical issues.  Val and John are driving to Mexico for the first time this year.  They came up our stairs on the Isla, one day last year to ask about RVing there and from that brief conversation they now live in our RV park in Canada, Holiday Park Resort, and now will be travelling with us to the Isla as well being as our neighbors.  Then to meet them here, well as Val says, ‘it was meant to be’.

We usually park in another area here but the only nice spot left this time was next to Val and John. I guess it was meant to be.

We only drove about 220 miles today but with all the errands it seemed like much more.

We are here for four nights and three more full days.  A vacation before we head into Mexico.  Many thanks for all the blog comments and private emails with suggestions re our fantastic fan problems.  Colin will try some of them tomorrow and I will let you know how we manage.

Meanwhile I am falling asleep at the computer….time to get my vacation going.  Bedtime!

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4 Responses to “Ready to go but a vacation first”

  1. Have a nice vacation from your holiday, Relax and enjoy your Weber, good deal on the Q 200.

    • contessa says:

      George….this Weber has a huge cooking surface. Looks like we love it without even trying it.

      Kelly….the sun is a great healer.

      Jean…we are here until early Monday. Exit 112, left side, hope to see you.

  2. Kelly says:

    Good to read you have a few days to R & R now…..and in warm sunshine !

  3. Jean says:

    We are a few days behind you now, enjoy your rest, you should be in the sun for many months now.

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