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Oct 26, 2013

The final hours

Not fair having my blog hijacked while I slept last night  😳 It continued cold and damp through the day Friday.  Lucky me, my jobs were all inside ones unlike Colin.  He is a real trooper.   No wonder I fell asleep waiting for dinner.  At least I did have it planned. Thanks for feeding […]


Oct 26, 2013

Blogger blogged out

Well it’s been a long day. The Head blogger got lost  for 5 hours in the cans of tuna, pasta, dog kibble, sauces, paper towels etc. in trying to find spaces to either store or hide items so I wouldn’t say – “what about our tires.”  She is good at hiding things and making it […]


Oct 25, 2013

More Que Pasa

So yesterday started with Colin calling halfway to his appointment in Kelowna.  “Did I leave my wallet there?”  Yes you did!  Don’t get caught by the police I suggested.  He got back home safely but what would  you do?  If you had a meeting in 10 minutes with an important client and 4 other people, […]


Oct 24, 2013

Tick Tock

The hours in each day are speeding by as we get closer to departure day.  We are still hoping to leave on Sunday morning but that means a lot more work to be done during each of those hours.  Sadly I have not been keeping up my end of things by putting things away in […]


Oct 22, 2013

Fog, Frazzled, Happy and Sad

The forecast is that this unusual fog is to lift by Saturday.  Good news for those flying in and out of the Kelowna Airport as many flights have been cancelled.  Bad news for the locals.  The fog is to be replaced by an Arctic Front.  Good thing we are leaving Sunday morning  🙂  Well I […]


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