Oct 29, 2013

We drove through fog, snowflakes, snowflurries, strong winds and a great deal of rain!

That was our day Monday.  Oh yes, we did see the sun for 5 minutes a one point.  We experienced it all.  Actually the most amazing experience was being woken up at 1:00AM Monday morning by a fella blowing leaves.  He had a huge pack on his back with a large leaf blower in his hand and was just walking around the rather empty parking lot ( except for us ) making noise.  First of all it was so windy that is was a complete waste of his time but I guess that is what he was being paid to do, blow leaves. But to where?  They were just scattering every which way as he tried to blow them into to pile.  Whatever for?  We both finally went back to sleep.

Up at 6AM and driving at 7AM.  I liked seeing the communities come to life as we drove through.  A bedroom light on here, a kitchen light on there.

This was not fog but dust. The wind was so strong that the soil from the fields clouded the skies.

We crossed into Oregon about 9:30AM and of course I missed the Welcome to Oregon sign.  But this is when we started to get some fog.  It really was a strange weather day.

Yesterday Carmeh was driving me nuts, she wanted this and that and to just be doing stuff as we drove. Perhaps because of the weather she really settled down and slept most of the day. This is her sleeping on my lap Monday morning. She was so cold and shivering that she snuggled into my lap with a few blankies. She didn't move for over 90 minutes.

Caeli always travels on Colin's lap. She has been doing this since we got her as a puppy. We picked her up in Alberta in the RV and that is her home. Colin is eating fruit as he drives. Note how his shirt contrasts with his warm jogging pants.

This is an Army Depot. I guess that means this is where the Army keeps their stuff and it must be important stuff to have to be disguised so well. The huts are covered with soil and plants and shrubs and blend right into the landscape.

Halfway up the 'big hill' just after Pendleton. We are in the bottom left and still have to climb up to the top right and then some more yet. The summit, Blue Moutnain is 4193 feet, quite the climb.

We hit the fog at the top.

Then we hit the snowflakes. I never did take photos of the snowflurries, too much happening and I just had to help Colin drive 😉

Things finally settled down to very strong winds and rain and more rain.

We actually did see the sun for about 5 minutes today.  It is amazing how El Sol warms the soul.  Yet in about 2 days I will very likely be wanting to turn on the A/C.  What a few hundred miles will change in your life!  Mucho!

We did arrive at our destination of Mountain Home, Idaho by 4PM, in a torrential downpour.  Another Walmart tonight, so we just parked, set up and turned on that wonderful generator and two heaters.  We sure do keep warm and toasty.  Once the computer was set up and Verizon running we called to wish Colin’s Mom a very Happy 99th.  She loved the flowers we sent and the half dozen cards we had mailed.

This huge truck pulling a 5th wheel pulled in five minutes after us. They had 3 massive dogs which where running freely and all around us. There was no way we could take our girls out with those boisterous dogs outside ( they were off leash and jumping and running everywhere as well as jumping up on people ) as we didn't want them to hurt the girls. Doxies are easily 'damaged' if stepped on by a large dog.

So we distracted our girls with toys instead. Turns out that the other RV was just passing through and exercising their dogs. Sadly they did not pick up.

So our girls  finally got their time outside and by then the rain had settled to a light drizzle.  Then I was off shopping again.  This time I only spent $200.00 ( wine, wine and a bit of food ).  Most of it was food and wine and a mouse pad.  I forgot mine at home.  I had a comment from a new blog reader yesterday ask what I would have spent all my money on Sunday night at Walmart.

Well first of all, welcome to the blog Sally.  Yes we do spend a lot of money in Mexico and on food and margaritas.  She wanted to know what I spent that much money on Sunday.  Here is the list… candles $20.00, xmas lights $30.00, 2 bras $36.00, socks $12.00, underwear $36.00, wine $31.00, batteries $15.00 and the rest on food.  I drink wine and although you can buy wine in Mexico it is expensive for good wine, even for just okay wine so I buy it in the US and bring in a six month supply.  There are also several things you can’t buy in Mexico and I buy and bring that with me.  We also buy gifts for friends in Mexico and buy things for raffles that the RVers have to raise money for the poor on the Isla.  We do spend a lot of money on fresh fruits and veggies and water on a daily basis and of course fish.  We shop for clothes and gifts to bring back to Canada as well as eat meals in restaurants and attend concerts and other forms of entertainment. Not to mention the fortune I spend on new plants for my garden each year.  I guess you could say that I like to be comfortable so bring what I need with me.  I hope you keep reading over the next few months and see what we do and how our life evolves in Mazatlan.

I have been meaning to welcome Bob, Sandy and their two French bull dogs to the Isla and Tres Amigos RV Park.  They are the first of my ‘newbie’ Rvers who follow my blog to the Isla this season.  I understand that they are enjoying themselves and the area.  They won’t be on the Isla all winter but will be in a condo in Mazatlan.  There is a possibility they will return to the Isla in March and again next season.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  Meanwhile enjoy the heat and the sound of the waves and of course those fabulous sunsets.

Meanwhile we are expecting to drive through snow and deal with 20F temperatures tomorrow.

From Idaho to Ely, Nevada, a mere 263 miles.

The good news is that it will be our last day of cold for six months  😎

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8 Responses to “We drove through fog, snowflakes, snowflurries, strong winds and a great deal of rain!”

  1. Bob says:

    How’s the heat situation in the front of the “bus”? We found that it wouldn’t really warm up at the front of the RV, even with the heat on high. I insulated the front end a little better, which did help, but travelling in cold weather wasn’t the best avoided.

    • contessa says:

      Bob…I answered you on the next post!

      Sally…hey it made for a good post.

      George…not so sure that being cold is fun.

      Teri….ahh, I just got some new toys for them. They need mental stimulation.

      Janet….too bad we weren’t on the same page!! Glad you are managing okay.

      Nancy…mi amiga…we are on the way. You name the date for dinner at the Plazuela!

  2. Bob says:

    hm…*was best to be avoided*.

    so much for proof reading….

  3. Sally says:

    Oh my, I didn’t need that many details. hahaha Just wondered why you had to bring so many groceries with you. I have never been to Mexico.

  4. Nice short travel days thats what we enjoy, have fun.

  5. Teri says:

    I’m so excited about your trip you would think I was going to Mexico. But after reading your blog for a few years now I’m recognizing names and faces. And, as always, I love seeing your sweet dogs. I think they need more toys. 🙂

  6. Janet Ashworth says:

    A day behind you. In Mountain Home tonight.
    Man that dust storm was nasty! We went through several hours of it. Luckily a little rain but no snow!
    Winter advisory at Ely over tonight at 7pm so should be clear sailing for you tomorrow.

  7. Nancy says:

    Loooking forward to seeing you guys soon, too bad you won’t be here for the Day of the Dead! Such a fun night. Drive safely, amigos.

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