Oct 28, 2013

We are on the way to Mexico….

Despite the constant drizzle we were hooked up and ready to hit the highway at 9:00AM Sunday morning.  It really was a great idea to spend Saturday night in the RV.  At one point I opened a closet and noticed it was empty.  Colin had forgotten to move his clothes from the house to the RV.  Yesterday morning he realized he had forgotten something else.  I think that even if we have to rent an RV site we will spend the night prior in the RV.  Much easier to see what is missing.

We enjoyed great vistas of various vineyards in the throes of autumn colors.

Only two hours later we reached the US border.

First question was where were we going?  Then, how much cash do you have? Why do they want to know that?  Does anyone know?  I gave an answer in USD only to be asked how much Canadian did we have.  He never asked how many pesos we had so I never mentioned it.  We are always stopped for a further Agriculture Inspection.  She was not very thorough other than tracking her wet boots through my newly cleaned carpet.  Then she wanted to check all of the basement compartments.  She checked the 3 on the passenger side of the RV where all she saw were bins.  Never asked what was in them but did ask if we had bird seed!!!!!  She did not go to the other side of the RV at all.  She did want to check the compartment at the back of the RV.  Colin kindly explained that that was where the engine was!  We were on our way in just under 10 minutes shaking our heads at the whys and hows of the system.

Not much to see until were getting close to Soap Lake. Beautiful camping and fishing areas.

We could not figure out why there were these white lines all up and down Lake Lenore. It looks like someone painted the lines.

Just as we were leaving the town of Soap Lake we decided to get diesel.  Who knew how long we would have to run the generator tonight to keep warm.  I had heard that prices were less this year than last.  Not true, we paid 4.19 per gallon whereas the most we paid last year was 4.09/gallon.  Perhaps it is just the area we are in.  But over all $8.00 more for the tank is not a big deal.

We left early Sunday which meant we arrived early at our destination.  This is a first in all our years of RVing, to stop at 3 PM.  There was no sense driving on for another 60 miles so we stopped in Moses Lake after a short drive of 252 miles.  That meant the we ( as in Colin ) had time to set up our satellite dish.  We had two shows we like to watch on Sunday so we were able to tape them.

Poor Colin had to brave the elements to set up.

The entire thing was done in 15 minutes.  I was amazed that we got the guide up right away and then our shows started taping within 40 minutes.  Next was a long walk for the girls and a quick ( not ) trip to Walmart for me.  Really it is cheaper to stay at an RV Park then dry camp for free at Walmart.  My bill for the quick trip into the store was $270.00USD.  But I really did need every single thing I purchased and most of it was on my shopping list.

So the first day of travel was relaxed and easy with no problems at all. We hope that the next ten days will continue in this fashion. Only 2.5 more days until we feel the heat of the sun.  We have run the generator for 6 hours so far and will shut it down within the hour as we all cuddle under our duvet.

Our journey for Monday....Moses Lake, WA to Mountain Home, Idaho, 407 long miles.

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6 Responses to “We are on the way to Mexico….”

  1. Si nice to get on the road, travel safe and enjoy your time away.

    • contessa says:

      George….it is great to be on the road!!


      Sally….welcome to the comment section and to my blog. Your questions are always welcome.

      Jean…I just read about that storm…not good. We are expecting more snow.

      Lynda….good idea, just move that bus!!! South and to the heat.

  2. Sally says:

    I am fairly new to your blog. Very interesting but I am amazed at all you buy before you go to Mexico. Wow. I cannot even imagine how much you are weighing now. Do you shop at all in Mexico? For me to spend 270 at Walmart, I would have to buy a sofa or something.

  3. Jean says:

    You are making good time, the weather is still warm here but we are having a BIG windstorm, we’ve been collecting other peoples stuff all morning. Have a safe trip.

  4. Lynda says:

    Well, the first day is behind you. Am always amazed at the border crossing procedures as they seem to change with each inspector. Having to run your generator to stay warm is a temporary condition the farther south you venture! Our temps got down to 25F on the Blue Ridge Parkway so we just fired up the MH and headed to South Carolina! Travel safe…

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