Oct 20, 2013

Que Pasa ?

We are supposed to be leaving a week today.  I am seriously doubting that this might happen.  There is no way I am going to get the groceries put away in the RV today.  I still have much too much desk work to.  Colin gets back from Winnipeg late tonight and is out all day tomorrow starting at 7 AM which means we will be in meetings late tonight.

I finally organized the chaos into piles thinking it would help. It did not!

He has had a good visit with his Mom and naturally finds her much frailer than the last time he saw her.  To be turning 99 in eight days is a major accomplishment but her body is starting to slow down.  She never used a cane until this year and this morning Colin was able to get a walker for her and have her start to use it.  He also moved furniture around so she can move about her apartment freely.  She is a very proud lady who dresses to the nines and alway looks fabulous.  She still wears pantyhose every day, has her hair just perfect and wears jewellery.

I hate for him to have to be so busy when he gets back.  I did it a few weeks ago and it is tiring coming back from a trip to see family and then diving into work.  The week ahead holds a few medical appointments for me, jobs for Colin, the vet for the girls plus, plus, plus.  Hopefully we will have Thursday, Friday and Saturday to just transfer clothes and yet more food out of the house into the RV and get it all organized including the winterizing of our house.

The week ahead looks like wonderful weather wise, which is a huge bonus. I don't think we have ever gone so many weeks with no rain.

Some of you might suggest that we stay another few days and take our time packing up.  That will never work.  Colin would just keep doing more photography.  I am officially closing the books tomorrow which means no more invoicing until April.  I have to prepay all kinds of business taxes and issue post dated cheques right up to March 1st.  There is no room for error.

I think that part of the reason I am slower this year is because of my eyes.  The situation makes me extremely cranky.  We discovered, me and the eye Dr. lady that I also seem to be having dry eye issues which is irritating my eyes.  I think that I have had just too much on my plate these past few months.  The new lenses in my old frames were finally fitted to my nose and ears properly on Thursday and I can see better, not as perfect.  The Refresh Tears are helping with the soreness.  Now I am waiting for the new frames with the redone lenses to arrive tomorrow.  Hopefully I will see much better.  Of course we have run out of time to have these lenses redone but at least I will have a backup pair of glasses for the next six months.

My tiny Canon 16.0 mega pixel camera managed to catch the moon rise over the hill Friday night. Not bad eh!! No need mentioning that had Colin been home the photo would have been much more spectacular, but then he is the pro, not me.

The girls are tolerating me. I have managed to give them 2 block walks, much less then they get with their Papa. They really tried to get me to run but I'm not up to that yet. The cold mornings are not their favorites.

The before photo of the need to be repaired job. This is where the sun room add a room joins the main part of the house. There is no caulking and the double sided tape did not hold up in the heat of the summer.

We have this problem both on the lake side of the house and on the street side.  What to do but to call Black Mountain Sunrooms.  They were not the original sunroom company who are no longer in business but they are our go to company for excellent repairs.  They showed up with just 2 days notice and came on Saturday morning to look after our issues.

A quick and efficient repair and I know that they are good to come back if we have a problem.

Enough with the blog already, I have things to do!!

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3 Responses to “Que Pasa ?”

  1. Marty says:

    None of my cameras got a decent shot of the moon, not even my new Kindle Fire HD. Thought it would because it gets killer landscapes.

    • contessa says:

      Marty….I do’t know much about Kindles and iPhones but I don’t think they are a real camera.

      George….well it is my life for 6 months of the year and the other 6 months balance it all out.

  2. Really sound like too much of a rat race for us.
    Sure glad we opted out over 7 years ago.
    Good luck getting on the road.

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