Oct 19, 2013

It is time for a few adventures

Colin left at 5 AM Friday morning to fly to Winnipeg to see his Mom.  She is turning 99 on October 28th, just 9 days from now.  She lives in a seniors home but not only does she shop for, she cooks her own meals. She is the oldest person in the building but refuses to eat with the general population as she finds them too old for her.  We love her so much and we call her by our hip name for her, Mommio!  Colin has all kinds of fun and different activities planned for his time with his Mom.

Meanwhile I hopped into my BMW roadster yesterday for my final grocery shopping trip and banking trip before we leave.  I am so tired of all this shopping stuff…..actually it will be way worse when I have to all the stuff away in the RV.  So I get into Kelowna and do my thing and on the way back the red light for low gas comes on!  What the heck?  In my entire life I have never, ever, ever put fuel into a vehicle that I own.  That has always been my hubby’s job.  Guess who used the Z3 last?  Guess who left it with the tank near empty?  Not me!!!!!!!!!!!!  So Friday morning  Colin drove his car to the airport to leave it in the long term parking.  Hey there was no way I was getting up at 4:30AM to drive him to the airport.  My flights to Edmonton were at normal people hours.  So I am stuck with bulk shopping in a small car. That I managed until the fuel light came on.  What to do?

I finally drove into a gas station where I found that the only other vehicle there was being fuelled by a female.  I was saved or so I thought.  Not.  I kindly asked her if she could help me due to extenuating circumstances.  Yes she would help.  My definition of help was that she would put the gas into my car.  Instead she chose to teach me, step by step, how to fuel my car.  So my car finally got the fuel and I now can do the job.  But will I will?  No! Sorry that is my hubby’s job in my books.

Also in my defence I have to add that while we lived in Vancouver area we frequented full serve gas stations as we felt that we were helping the economy by keeping those gas attendants employed.  So I never ever did it by myself.

So while Colin was having a fab time in Winnipeg with his Mom, I was shopping, then dropping it all off to the RV, then off the bank where I picked up all my money for Mexico and of course filling my car with gas, the expensive non leaded kind.  Good thing that the car doesn’t get used too much.  I was very tired last night.

Meanwhile the night prior to Colin leaving Kelowna we were invited over by our neighbours, the ones with the spiders. Seems that they wanted full disclosure !!

Okay so we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile their new rescue pup, Daisy decided she loves me. If they don't watch out, I might just take her to Mexico with us. Is she not just the very sweetest face you ever saw?

This tree has changed so much these past few days. The minus C temps have played with Mother Nature.

Those leaves were gold just a few days ago and now the reds are taking over.

Sunset Friday evening was spectacular for this time of year.

Now that the geese have left, only the ducks are left on Duck Lake.

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6 Responses to “It is time for a few adventures”

  1. Its pretty hard to find a full service gas station anywhere, now, except Mexico, but I don’t think you fuel up there. At least not your car.

  2. Peter says:

    Well Contessa,

    Nice to see you are now fully emancipated and liberated.
    Next is to learn how to change a tire!

  3. Janet Ashworth says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more about fuelling the vehicle.
    Only frequent full service gas stations!
    Oregon has the right idea, only full service gas stations.
    Not long and we head South.

  4. Teri says:

    I’ve never had my vehicle fueled up by anyone but me. We don’t really have full service stations here in Southern California. While visiting my sister in New Jersey we pulled into a gas station and I waited for her to get out and gas up…nope…full service. It’s so funny what you get used to.

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