Oct 18, 2013

Mazatlan Tidbit Updates

There is an actual Arts and Entertainment Calendar that lists all of the events to be found in Mazatlan year round.  Click here for the line up over the next few months.  There is something for everyone.

Sadly we are going to be paying much much more for shrimp this season due to a virus from framed shrimp.  However the cost of our fresh from the ocean shrimp will be affected.


Price of Shrimp Expected to Rise 100 Percent

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Armando Castro Real, president of the federation of fishermen cooperatives in Sinaloa, said the price of shrimp will rise 100 percent this season due to several factors.

The main reason for the cost increase is the loss of 50,000 tons of farmed shrimp in northwestern Mexico where a devastating virus hit the industry killing most of this year´s production. In fact, said Castro Real, there is a scarcity of shrimp internationally.

Another reason for the increase is approximately 50 percent of Sinaloa shrimp are exported to the United States where historically high prices are being recorded.

Depending on the size, Castro Real said, shrimp will cost up to 300 pesos per kilo for headless shrimp and 80, 100, 150 and 200 pesos for varying heads-on sizes. (from Noroeste)


*******A further update on this shrimp article can be found here.


The first cruise ship in a few years arrives in Mazatlan on November 12 and the city is sprucing up.  Meanwhile Carnivale is contemplating a return to the Mazatlan port.


Return of Carnival to Mazatlán Depends on Client Survey

Posted by  on 8 Oct 13 in Featured. Carnival_Pride_at_MazatlanSinaloa Secretary of Tourism, Francisco Córdova Celaya, announced yesterday that Carnival cruise line will survey its clients asking if they would be interested in making Mazatlán a port of call.

He told media the survey will take place during November and by the end of the year we will be notified of the results, good or bad. If 51 percent answer yes, the cruise line will return to Mazatlán.

Córdova Celaya advised representatives of Carnival told him if there is no demand for the port, they cannot sell tickets.

With respect to security, the Secretary said Sectur representatives were with Carnival security executives for a week in Mazatlán and the executives were content with security measures, so that is not a problem. (from Noroeste)


Great news for Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra, the Government ( not sure which one ) has decided to give the Isla some monies with which to create roadways, parks and a community centre for recreation activities and community gatherings.  Meetings are underway.

The red lines show where the new roads will go. They want to start the road out to Chivos first. The community centre would be near the main embarcadero more towards the main waterway. By the way, there was no mention of working on the gravel road onto the Isla for this project.

There has been quite a bit of conflict in the media as to when the Durango Mazatlan highway will open.  This is the latest with an official opening of Oct. 17th.  They did have the actual official opening yesterday.  They say that the price for a vehicle is 400 pesos which I think is very fair.  Of course an RV will be quite a bit more but overall very worth the price when you think of the time you are saving and of course the safety factor.  This will really open up Mazatlan to many more RVers.

If you are looking for some walking maps of Mazatlan click here and scroll down to find a few choices to print out.  You will find lots of other useful information in this online magazine.

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