Oct 17, 2013

Getting more and more done

The first Tuesday after the October long weekend means irrigation blow out. Good to have that chore done. Only $35.00 but well worth it. Mind you if there are broken pipes in the spring they do charge for repairs 😯 But we have a new system so all should be good.

Same day we got our fireplace serviced. We were quoted $90.00 but we charged $168.00!!

Colin has since called them and only got their voicemail.  One addition to the bill was an added $25.00 service call.  Don’t you think that they should have told us that that was part of the quote?  Then they charged us 1.5 hours to do the service.  The owner quoted us the $90.00 ( one hour ) and he knows our fireplace, as he installed it last year.  Two days later they have not returned our phone call!

I have been going crazy, really I have.  I had my eyes checked about Sept. 10th and my eye Rx has changed a tiny bit in the one eye.  So I found a nice new frame and when it came I could not see very well.  My eyes were sore and tearing.  Meanwhile I had ordered another set of new lenses in my old frames.  So my eyes were rechecked and my left eye is different plus the whatever is suppose to be centre at my pupil was off a few degrees.  At no cost to me they sent the new frames for a new set of lenses.  Meanwhile I have been trying to wear my old frames with the first set of new lenses.  I am having eye cramping, tearing and blurred vision.  I seem to go into the clinic at least twice per day for an adjustment.  My new frames with the second of lenses won’t be in until Monday.  There is no way that I will be able to get the lenses in the frame ( my old one ) redone before we leave for Mexico.  So far I have invested $1000.00 and I can’t see.  Great way to start the winter.  This is all making me very cranky, mostly because I can’t see and it is irritating.

I have finished our Costco shopping and the final canned goods shopping at WalMart.  Just one more major shopping to do tomorrow and I am done.  I managed to finish off our last two invoices of the year today.  Colin still has one more large photo shoot to do  but we will edit that job on the Isla and send them an invoice in early April.  I have to close the books for the next several months.

We are getting lots of fog in the early mornings, something I have not seen before.

I love to watch the mist rise off the lake just as the sun comes over the hills.


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7 Responses to “Getting more and more done”

  1. Croft says:

    You should find a good Mexican optometrist! Neither of us have bought a pair of glasses in Canada since 2000. They have all been bought in Algodones.

    • contessa says:

      Croft….I would only do that if we were in the area for a few weeks to deal with any problems.

      George….my eyes are super sensitive and I think I will stick with my local people here in Canada.

      Rocmoc….my sympathies to your wife….not fun not seeing clearly.

  2. I have good luck in Algodones as well since 2006.

  3. rocmoc says:

    My better 3/4s just went thu the same thing at a National Glasses Chain USA. The original Rx was completely wrong but second set was an improvement tho she still can’t see as well as I do. She was sorry she did not go to Costco where I have had much better service and quality. She has gotten her contacts Rx and is going to purchase them at Costco. Good luck!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  4. Joan says:

    Hi Contessa. We get all our families glasses at Zenni Optical online. Wonderful service, takes about 10 days and they arrive in the mail. Hubby broke his glasses in California last year and they did a rush job & sent them to the R.V. park we were in. Paid $113.00 for progressive, bendable titanium, no line bifocal. You must have your prescription and your PD. Most optometrist won’t give you the PD as they don’t want you shopping elsewhere. You can upload your picture and try on all the glasses.

    • contessa says:

      Joan….I could never do that as a lot of my problem is in getting the glasses to sit on my face properly.

      Colleen. Thanks about the photos, I am having fun with it this year. My eyes are getting better, well a bit 🙁

  5. Lovely photos. Sorry you are having so much trouble with your glasses.

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