Oct 13, 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

In the USA, Thanksgiving is a day and an event. It is the beginning of the Holiday Season complete with Christmas decorations.  Here in Canada it is a long weekend.  You will see many potted gold colored chrysanthemums and orange pumpkins decorating the fronts of homes.  There is the smell of burning leaves in the air.   Some travel to visit family and get together for a special meal.  Most stay home and get together with friends and family once over the weekend and not on any special day.  Many use the time to clean up their yards for the winter, go for a final camping trip of the year, run in a marathon ( like we had here this weekend ) or just stay home and relax in front of a fire.

We have been blessed with nice temperatures and clear skies and a wonderful display of hues by Mother Nature.

For us it is a busy working weekend.  We should be getting the RV ready for travel, hey we leave two weeks from today  :-D, but instead we are at our desks.  For me, just 8 hours or so but for Colin many more hours per day and well into the wee hours of the morning.  The Tommie Award entry deadline is Tuesday at noon, the day after this glorious weekend.  We are fielding phone calls from clients who have decided to enter a home, or a kitchen or a renovation project.  People do like to wait until the last minute.  It happens year after year.  So we don’t have a special dinner with friends or family, we manage with take out.  It was a treat to get out and do that walk yesterday.

Even our own Tommie entry is not quite ready.  When I was putting the photos together with the write up something just didn’t seem right.  So last night we had to retake one of the photos for master suite.  The writer had referred to our banks of windows in the bedroom but in all of the photos we had the blinds down.  We are perfectionists, not just for our entries but all of our clients as well.  Once the Tommie deadline passes we then have lots of other photography work to keep us busy until D Day.  Our clients know our departure day and expect us to do our thing before we go but then they do wait for us to return the end of April.  Very nice of them.

Colin surprised me with two dozen peach roses for Thanksgiving. Very sweet.

I think we will likely celebrate Thanksgiving US style on November 28th.  We will be all relaxed and settled on the Isla by then. Actually once we are settled, every day is a holiday there.

I noticed a few days ago, that the geese are gone. They left ahead of us. Just a few ducks left floating around now.

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6 Responses to “Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend”

  1. danshula says:

    Good luck as you travel down the road,for you it is a begining of the winter travels and for us it is the end of the summer travels and winter at home with the family.
    BUT we will be back in the Spring to pick up from the same spot we ended the trip.

    • contessa says:

      Danshula…and then we will come back in the Spring and start to work yet again. An evolving circle.

      Chris…..I think so to.

      George….counting the sleeps till we get there.

      Irene….it was my pleasure to meet you and your husband the pool. I hope you get back to Mexico soon.

  2. chris says:

    Thanksgiving on Stone Island sounds cool!

  3. Soon you will be on the road, relax and enjoy the great weather there on the Isla.

  4. Irene says:

    Querieda Amiga! It was so nice beyond words to get to met you , you are such a warm lady with so much love for my country and I’m so thankful for that ! Happy Thanksgiving Contessa and Colin !!!

  5. We will be more than happy to share our Thanksgiving Day with you Contessa. I enjoy Thanksgiving because it is one of the few holidays you don’t have to do much preparation for other than the Thanksgiving meal. I have to admit though that celebrating the harvest in October makes more sense than near the end of November unless you live in the south part of the U.S. like we do. Beautiful roses.

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