Oct 03, 2013

Que Pasa

My first que pasa of the month and there certainly has been a lot going on, both in the business and the personal life.  Departure day on October 27th just can’t come fast enough.  Good thing I have a master packing list but I am having trouble keeping up with it.  If the truth be told I’m still trying to go through a huge pile on my desk that has been there since the end of April.  And that pile came from a box that used to be in the same place on my desk in the old house.  Maybe I should just file 13 it without looking at it.

I have been to my eye glass place almost daily for the past week.  The final straw came yesterday when my new lense fell out of my new frames, just two days old.  Yes they will service me but who pays for my back and forth time.  I just don’t have time to spare.  today they keep slipping down my nose, I just hate that but will have to deal with it for a while.

Then I spent the better part of a day ordering things online that we just absolutely need and which I will pick up in the USA.  I love ordering online and usually it is seamless but this time not once, not twice but three times an order was cancelled.  I was ordering our black tank product and it seems that is has been discontinued, yet people still are selling it on their online sites.  Finally I was able to track down 15 bottles so we are good to go for two years. We love this product as it is granules that don’t spill.  Yet another thing we RVer’s to Mexico have to pre buy and travel with.  This year we are picking things up at an RV Park in Ely Nevada.  Just got a call today from the company I’m buying dog toys from claiming that the zip code belongs to another city.  Dealing with all these things are time wasters.

One good buy was dog food.  Having just changed out our girls food we no longer need to get their kibble from a vet which I used to do in Lake Havasu and it was way cheaper than purchasing it here in Canada.  This year with the diet change I was able to go online and find the cheapest price for the new kibble.  I was able to buy 5.5  months worth at a savings of $4.95 per bag plus it shipped for free  😛  Yet another good deal.

Now I’m worried about my Dad yet again.  He had a tooth extracted on Tuesday which took over 2 hours and he says his face looks like a mask, all swollen and black and blue.  Plus he is in pain.  He is only taking T3’s at night so he doesn’t get dizzy or disorientated during the day and possibly fall.  My poor Dad.

Somehow we are managing to keep our stomaches full.  The girls insist on eating at 8AM and again at 5PM and if I don’t have it ready they let me know.  Colin and I eat when we can and often after 7:30PM but the girls always come first.

Even with being on a diet, Caeli is still fat. She lives a life of leisure as you can see.

We have had numerous rain and thunder storms this past week. This one just sort of happened. The sun mixed with the storm created such unusual lighting.

The winds were strong and pushed it along very quickly.

Lots of wave action but the rain didn't last too long.

Today we have sunshine and a high of 15C/59F.  People, not us, are out riding bikes and walking and just enjoying the healing powers of the sun.  I know, my time is coming.

We now have snow on the distant mountain, thanks to a recent downpour combined with cools temps. We even had heavy frost one morning but the next few days look promising.

This is excellent. We usually have smokies made by the Yves brand but these are a keeper. The protein in just one is 26g. Of course I shall be buying a number of these packages and freezing them for the trip.

Combined with a salad and a melange of left over new potatoes fried in coconut oil with bits of broccoli, carrot and a tiny amount of left over salmon made for a delicious new meal idea.

So before I get carried away I better end this que pasa as I can just ramble on and on.

I don't want you to have to shut me up. I guess this is what a male bird does when he can't stand it anymore.

Thanks to Gisele for sharing this photo with me and now you.  As she said….

A photographer will die of old age waiting to get another shot like this one.


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  1. Rod Williams says:

    Nice pictures of the storm! The birds are cute too.

  2. Jannose says:

    Loved the picture of Caeli!

  3. More excellent photos of the weather.
    Stocking up more and more, soon you be on the road.

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