Oct 02, 2013

Shaw Direct ~ USA/Mexico UPDATE

I received an email from a reader who was in the midst of  a ‘discussion with Shaw’  while in Mazatlan just last week.   Mr. M. was just about to tell Shaw that he was in Mazatlan when the power to the TV went out so he never completed his call.  Later he read my post about Shaw Direct.  So the next day when he called Shaw once again, he made a point of not saying where he was.  This was not a simple restarting of the receiver but an activation of a receiver with an old LNB.  It took over 15 minutes with an open line between Mr. M. and the technician yet he only asked questions about the receiver and what Mr. M. was seeing on his TV screen.  Mr. M is now enjoying Shaw Direct in Mexico.  This should not be possible according to the “new” Shaw rules.

Then just a few days ago over on Larry’s blog under his ongoing comments on his Shaw post he received a comment from a reader stating…….

I just had my account re-activated on Sept. 27. I phoned Shaw to check on this and they told me that it was good to go. I also asked if I might need to reboot or get help when I get back to Arizona. I was told that I should never tell them I am not in Canada as they are not allowed to help anyone outside of Canada. I will be in ARizona in a few days and will let you know if things are working.

So that tells me that now, since some time has passed since this all started, the Shaw Direct technicians are going to be of help.  Well some of the techs will be of help but the most important thing is to not tell them where you are when you call.  If they don’t ask don’t tell them.  If they do ask, I would suggest not answering, be stealth, pretend that a pot on the stove just boiled over and you have to call back later.  Try again with another tech  😆

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8 Responses to “Shaw Direct ~ USA/Mexico UPDATE”

  1. Thats the plan and we are sure there will be no problems as long as you don’t hang yourself.

  2. Croft says:

    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Just like it used to be being gay in the US military! Dumb! The bottom line is, I think we are going to be OK. They really have no reason to ask where we are but we have to be careful of what we volunteer. “Maybe my signal is weak because I am on the Belize border” will not make it but, “Maybe my dish needs a tweak, let me try that and I will call back” should.

  3. They usually ask for the address of service… I always give my Bayfield address. ( actual billing address)

  4. Jean says:

    We have the new LNB on our home dish and a 600 series .HD receiver, so we have been getting the new sat. since June. As I understand it (from Larry’s comments), we will have to take our our receiver because our travelling dish has the old LNB. So I think we will get the same channels we always did.

    • contessa says:

      Jean….we switched out the LNB we travel with to the new one and just take the receiver from the house so we will get everything we get here in Kelowna south of the border. Why don’t you check if you can get a new LNB for your travel dish. We do however also carry our old 200 series receiver just in case the new one fails.

  5. Jean says:

    Typo sorry,meant to say our other receiver. which is the 200 non HD series.

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