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Oct 31, 2013

Frozen slide outs and Las Vegas!!!

We had frozen slide outs Wednesday morning.  While our 2 slides were out the night before and we were sleeping there was a light rain and then some snow and it seems that that was enough to freeze it all up. I received a few comments about staying in Ely and the cold.  We were […]


Oct 30, 2013

We made it to Ely, Nevada

At 7 AM Tuesday morning we were not certain that that was even possible. The day started out with sun quickly followed by fog patches. The entire day was a game of peak and boo with the sun and the fog.  Much like Caeli… As we entered Nevada the mountains showed just a dusting of […]


Oct 29, 2013

We drove through fog, snowflakes, snowflurries, strong winds and a great deal of rain!

That was our day Monday.  Oh yes, we did see the sun for 5 minutes a one point.  We experienced it all.  Actually the most amazing experience was being woken up at 1:00AM Monday morning by a fella blowing leaves.  He had a huge pack on his back with a large leaf blower in his […]


Oct 28, 2013

We are on the way to Mexico….

Despite the constant drizzle we were hooked up and ready to hit the highway at 9:00AM Sunday morning.  It really was a great idea to spend Saturday night in the RV.  At one point I opened a closet and noticed it was empty.  Colin had forgotten to move his clothes from the house to the […]


Oct 27, 2013

…and we are off and running.

The plan today is to get through the US border and drive a short, for us, distance.  Hopefully all systems will be go and when we stop for the night we can just relax. Heard what I thought was a huge flock of geese overhead yesterday.  Turns out there were only five of them.  They […]


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