Sep 28, 2013

I saved close to $300.00 by going shopping !

It’s totally true and I am exhausted.  It really is hard work saving so much money.  So let me share my tale over a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio.

But first it seems that a gremlin has been taking photos with my camera.

We had a late meal last night as I decided to wait for Colin to come home and he brought us a bake at home pizza, much better that a take out pizza. I don't like red wine but this one was fabulous, a nice smooth finish.

It seems that not long after the pizza ( good but not as great as my own homemade ) I fell asleep. Well it was after 10 PM!!! I was supposed to be reading while Colin went back to his computer.

Did he open this bottle? I haven't checked yet. I didn't have any.

But I will say that he is a sneaky bastard, certainly not fat  😕  I awoke at 1:00AM and found Colin sound asleep watching TV.  I took a few shots of him not knowing that he had taken the earlier shot of me sleeping in my lounger.  So now as I go to write this post I find new photos on my camera of me and discovered that he had deleted the ones I had taken of him sleeping.  So very not fair.

Ahhh!  I am back, just had to get a refill of my PInot Grigio.

So while I was still awake and reading last night my new glasses broke.  The left arm just fell off.  So now I have two pair of broken glasses, both with the left temple damaged.  I was not a happy camper this morning.  Then I remembered. It was the Grand Opening of my renamed hair salon, yes the one that made my hair turn grey!

Today only, they were offering free hair wash and blow dry, so why not?

First I dropped off my new ( and still unpaid ) glasses off for repair and then I went to get my hair done.  I had no say in who I got to blow dry my  hair and this gal, Nancy, I think, had her own style…she would use 3 to 4 roller brushes at a time and leave them in my hair.  Her theory was that it would give my hair more volume.  They also had a draw for a basket of hair products and lots of nice snacks.

Got my hair done at no charge to myself and then went to pick up my repaired glasses at no charge to me and then headed into Kelowna to to some very serious shopping.

First stop was to Natures Fare Market, our health food store, where I was able to pick up 6 months supply of flax oil, vitamins, calcium, herbal teas, not real coffee substitute, great granola bars, ear candling candles, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant, etc. I had a 15% discount coupon.  The final bill came to $1058.65 but I saved $168.67.  Plus I received another two 15% off coupons for the future.

Next stop was at Save On Foods where I snagged some great deals like high protein cup a soups ( Natural Foods ) at $1.00 per serving vs the regular price of $2.50.  I also purchased what I call our RV toilet paper here.  They have a store brand that is 2 ply and sewer system rated. For $4.49 I got 12 rolls each having 360 sheets per roll ( double rolls that take less storage space in the RV ).  That is a great deal.  I used to buy RV TP from an RV dealer for $1.00 per roll. That was a rip off.  Now we buy 50/50 TP.  We use regular TP that goes into a basket for disposal and the other 50% TP is flushed.  I made two more brief stops to purchase a few items for the trip south.

Total savings on paper was $277.38.

Then there was the free hairdo that cost me ?.??!

All in all a close to $300.00 in savings day.  Yes those are my new glasses.  You can blame the red cheeks on the vino blanco.


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6 Responses to “I saved close to $300.00 by going shopping !”

  1. Good that you got you glasses fixed and are good to go.
    That’s a lot of money to spend to save $300.00 but looks like you are stocked up pretty good.
    We stock up only a few items the rest we like to try different things along the way and most of the prices in the states are much cheaper.
    Glad we aren’t too fussy.
    Your departure day is getting closer by the minute.

    • contessa says:

      George…if we RVed in the US we would not have to pre send like I do but none of what I purchased yesterday can be got in Mexico and I don’t chose to spend my time looking for specialty items in a US store. We mostly just travel right thru from Canada to the US. I will spend close to another $1000.00 before we leave but then I only have to buy fresh fruits and veggies and fish all winter long.

  2. Janet says:

    Love the hair! I was NOT so lucky, my hairdresser moved to Alberta. The new cut,,, not so good.
    I think if I put a bag over my head folks would notice!
    It is a good thing we all have such a good time when we head South, cause it is alot of work getting ready.
    Looks like you are well on your way. We all work better under pressure!

    • contessa says:

      Janet…sorry about your hair! So looking forward to getting in the RV and then is it just us and the freedom of the road, no more prep stress.

  3. Cheryl says:

    That’s a beautiful picture of you – I love your hair. I’m trying to let my bangs grow out, but I like yours so much I may have to re-think…

    I recently had a haircut problem when I got my hair cut at a beauty school in Eugene, Oregon. It looked fine when I left, but the “lingo” where I get my hair cut is called a 45 degree cut so the ends go under.

    It looked like a huge “chunk” had been cut out of my hair. 🙁

    I went to another beauty school in Tucson and the instructor told the student how to “fix it.” They took out little sections, twisted them, pushed them up and did little snips. I was amazed that it worked! I stopped going to my hairdresser when the total for a cut and color came to $120.00 each time. Too much money on a retirement budget. I also get pedicures at the beauty school because they have strict rules about sanitizing the tubs each time. Besides, you really can’t mess up a pedicure and for $12.00 a pop I can afford one when I want one.

    One place I found on my travels was a store called Grocery Outlet. They have close-outs on groceries and WINE. I found a pinot noir I liked and bought a case home. They’re mostly in California and Oregon and there was one in Tucson that is closing. 🙁

    It sounds like you’re ready for Mexico! 🙂

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