Sep 21, 2013

How things really are

Things are not good in certain parts of Mexico right now because of the various storms this past week. The Acapulco area is heavily affected and we have many friends there, as well as in the Monterrey area and much of Sinaloa area.  We have been hearing from various friends throughout Mexico and of course you can see things on TV and read about it yourself in the various forms of media.  I had no idea of the damage between Mazatlan and Culiacan until I saw this photo today.

Several detours were still in place as authorities inspected damage to the asphalt. This is the autopista between Mazatlan and Culiacan.

Yet another scene in Sinaloa thanks to CNN.

That full story can be read here.  Hopefully some of the repairs will be completed by that time we travel through that area in early November.  I could hear the relief in one of our friends’ emails….


The bad weather punched very hard to my state (Sinaloa) as you know to press. Fortunately my family (Isela, Chris, my relatives…) is in good condition. Thanks.

Then if you read Chris’s blog where he describes what they went through in Monterrey, you realize the extent of the damages.  As you scroll down and read his various entries you get caught up in the drama.

We have several sets of friends who live near this area in the Acapulco area. How are they managing? Again thanks to CNN.

On the Isla at Tres Amigos RV Park, Deb reports that the park has water sitting on the ground, somewhat like ground cover, but efforts are being made to drain the water by cutting grooves into the cement wall so the water will drain into the sand.  Sadly the gravel road to the village from the airport is a huge mess but not to worry as that will be repaired once the rains stop.  Many locals are suffering from very wet roads, and  sodden yards.  It has not been an easy time for them or their fellow Mexicans.

Many of us RVers always bring down extra clothing, used or new, household items, toys and school items for the children.  It certainly looks like they will be needing our help this year.  Hopefully you will make some space in your RV for them.



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  1. Looks like the damage from the storm is widespread, but will be mostly cleaned up by the time you head south.

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