Sep 20, 2013


There has been so much controversy during the past few months, so many questions and statements and much confusion.  As long as you remain in Canada you will not be affected.  You also have the option of travelling within Canada or going to the cottage and still being able to legally use the system.


That is no longer true if you travel to the USA or further south to Mexico.  Right now you can still receive TV signals from the original two satellites but you can’t receive the new channels that come with the third satellite, Anik G1, that was launched April 15th.

First of all I have confirmed with RVers in both the USA and in Mexico that they are currently, as of today, receiving a Shaw satellite signal.  Shaw however does not allow this due to some regulation that really doesn’t matter. They can’t stop it though.  Actually over the past years we were not supposed to have received TV south of the Canadian border but we did and customer service at Shaw supported us.  Well that is no longer happening.

As long as you can set your system up and make it work you are good to sit back and watch all the TV you like.  However should you need technical support it is no longer there for you.  In fact if you call Shaw from south of the Canadian border and actually speak to a support person you stand an excellent chance of having your service immediately terminated.  This has already happened to some RVers in the USA.

What to do?  Well it really depends on your problem.  The most usual problem is refreshing your receiver after having driven for a while without setting up your system and the connection is lost.  First try refreshing your receiver online and if that doesn’t work try a phone call and use the prompts.

Don’t speak to a person.  If you do end up speaking to a Shaw technician, don’t tell them where you are.  You might still be able to get the help you need to get up and running again.  Be cagey.

I’m sure we will hear many more stories in the months to come.  Whatever you do, remember, remain reticent when speaking to Shaw but send me your story  😎


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  1. Sounds good to us the same info we got too.

  2. Deb says:

    That was a really good summary. Thanks.

  3. David says:

    Very good summary. I just brought a refurbished receiver down to Mexico and when I plugged it in, I couldn’t get a green light. My local Satellite guru explained that it had probably been factory set up for the new type of LNB and by working with some “hidden” menus he was able to reconfigure it so that the green light is now on, but no programming, not even the guide is present.

    I actually live in Mexico and since my other TV was working fine, I was more or less unaware of the problem arising from Shaw no longer supporting setups outside of Canada. So I called Shaw and for sure I would have told them I was in Mexico, because I have always told them “I am in Mexico.” Except!! Just after I gave my account info and was about to insert my foot in my mouth, my TV quit, thus saving me.

    Having slept on the whole thing and had the opportunity to do some reading as in your excellent article, I am now rehearsing my planned conversation with Shaw.

    Thank You Very Much

  4. David says:

    Follow Up.

    I called Shaw and spoke with a very friendly tech guy who asked no problematic questions. I had been afraid that he would want to know why I was sticking with the Standard LNB instead of upgrading to the XKU 210 HD channel extravaganza.

    It took forever for the Trip Counter to respond (like 10 minutes) and I sweated a bit and was convinced that it was all going to go sideways, but in the end it all worked out fine. I have All of the HD and non HD channels that I pay for and my signal strength with a 1.8M round dish is in the high 70s.

    If the bird falls out of the sky or is replaced then it is all over. But for now, follow contessa’s advice and relax. I think at this point, the less said about this the better.

  5. rOBERT j mcleod says:

    am back from my trans canada trip to “The Rock” and back to the West coast via Pal Desert and up I 5 to Victoria. A modest 20,000 kms in 2 months.

    Shaw direct was really good in most parts of Canada- the odd “no signal” routine but so be it.

    Crossed the border thru Maine and points West and of course-random success and finally in Pal Desert- “we do not support south of the border” cancelled the short term vacation package on the spot.

    there is a TV tech in Pal Desert that provides Shaw service- even has the logo!!

    Called the office and their reply was fine tune and do your best not to call a real person!!

    Am told that the older dishes without th HD options work fine as they use Anik 1 and 2. Anik 3 is the HD channel and if you refresh, none of the tuners/ receivoers work.

    So, if I want Shaw direct in the USA ( am not heading South for 4 years ) how can I get hold of an older version of the dish and not have a shutdown if using Anik 3.


    any help appreciated.

    bigger dish if I go North to say Yellowknife or ??

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