Sep 19, 2013

Que Pasa???

Too much is happening, I can’t even keep up with my blog posting.  I received my new camera a few days ago and it has been taking photos just fine but when I went to download them into iPhoto they came up out of order and then totally disappeared forever.  I managed to edit a few of them first but I will have to get this sorted out soon.

We saw this storm appear out of nowhere.

It carried a huge amount of rain.

The rain chains were overwhelmed.

Even with her special thunder coat on, Carmeh could not take the sound of the thunder. She hid under the sink in the bathroom. Caeli slept through the whole thing.

Fortunately it seems that the thunderstorms have stopped.  That is mainly because our hot temperatures have stopped.  At noon today as I write this it is only 13C /56F and for me that is cold.  It was suppose to be a sunny day with a high of  23C/72F.

As you can see Colin is wearing a jacket as he takes apart the plant pots and the sun is not shining.

Good news from our friends in Mazatlan, they are managing to brave Hurricane Manuel and dealing with the full moon high tides and lots and lots of rain.

Find the blue dot near the bottom edge of the storm on the coast ....that is Mazatlan.

Now we worry about our friends in Culiacan. Fortunately the storm bypassed Mazatlan before it became a hurricane. Of course I am concerned for all of our friends who still live in Acapulco as they have had a hard past few days with all the flooding and our friends in the NE of Mexico. Very difficult times for them all.

We finally got our repairs completed on the RV.  It took the RV tech three visits but he got lots of little things done and a few major ones like changing the air cleaner on the generator, redoing the toilet flange seal, servicing our fridge, blowing out the furnace and hot water tank and lots of caulking.  After all most RV’s are held together with caulking. I even have the carpet cleaner scheduled for next Thursday so I now have to get in there and put things away.

Dinner last night was easy, once I had made the

I made a delicious quinoa tabbouleh for dinner with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from a friend’s garden.  Then I added left over BBQ’d salmon to a caesar salad  to complete the meal.  This will become one of our favorites on hot nights in Mexico.  I ate mine right out of  the bowls, while Colin put his on a plate.  We make our caesar salads in different bowls as I use a low fat dressing.

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3 Responses to “Que Pasa???”

  1. Poor little Carmeh! That was some storm and I’m sure it was very loud with all the windows you have. Just like being in an RV although you are more securely anchored down. We are very lucky that storms do not faze our dachsies at all. Why is Colin pulling all the plants out of the pots? Do you just throw them out at the end of the season and put the pots away?

    • contessa says:

      Colleen…..that is what he is doing, pulling the plants out and going to store the pots. Your doxies are lucky. I just hate to see the suffering and fear.

      Bob….dogs can be be very sensitive and yet others are just fine.

  2. Bob says:

    My “dog-in-law” has a thunder shirt for those times when there’s a storm. We also discovered that testing the smoke detectors if he’s within earshot sent him into shaking fits.
    We didn’t realize that would happen, and made sure we didn’t do that again. Poor little guy.
    No worries now though, as he no longer lives here.

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