Sep 17, 2013

A quickie today

Lots of firsts…….

~ my new camera arrived today and is being charged… I can get more great photos for you.

~ I had my first bath since the end of June. happy to be soaking again.

~ I took Colin’s car ( mostly because I can’t get into my low roadster ) and did a wee bit of personal shopping and a whole bunch of food and stuff shopping for Mexico.  We are getting ready to hit the road 🙂

~ we got our 3rd associate confirmed in each of the 4 Tommie categories.  These are people who are putting money in.

~plus we have hired a professional writer to do our 250 word submission per entry ( who is willing to accept the fee we are  willing to pay ) about 60% less than his normal fee.  We are rocking!!

One of the 8 shots re the Best Home category under $350,000.00 building cost.

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4 Responses to “A quickie today”

  1. Jean says:

    You look so little, laying in that tub.

    It’s fun when the count down starts. I get excited when it’s less than a month before departure date.

  2. Everything is coming together for you soon on the road again!

  3. Carlos says:

    First bath since June??? Must have been a bit stinky eh?

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