Sep 14, 2013

Over the top

No, not a martian but a very full spider.

Saw this fellow pull into the park yesterday.  I actually see quite a lot even though we face the lake.  But I heard this engine first, which made me get up and look out front.

Why would you need a truck like that to pull that wee travel trailer?

What next?

A bit over the top, don't you think?

Then a bit later when I went to check the mail I saw this wee unit checking in.

So in the end all things are equal, eh??

By the way, greetings to a new comment maker on my blog, Gail.  She suggested putting household ammonia on a wasp bite.  In her words…

“When you get stung, apply household ammonia on it as soon as possible. Will stop pain immediately, and you should have no rash or swelling. I keep some in my first aid kit. Works on the dogs too, but make sure they don’t lick it-just rinse it off of them after a few minutes.”

Great advice and you should read the comment made by ButterBean Carpenter from Coleman County, Texas ,where they seem to have the greatest variety of wasps that I ever heard of.  Stay safe down there.

Meanwhile I used the suggestion given to me when I got a wasp  bite in my ear last month, I put a penny on the sting area and the swelling decreased within an hour.  Amazing.

However I can no longer complain about wasps when Rod over in West Kelowna is dealing with bears in his back yard, both brown and black.





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5 Responses to “Over the top”

  1. We do see all kinds of rigs out there on the road, and like you said some are over the top!

    • contessa says:

      George…..always interesting to see what someone else is doing.

      Elaine….Thanks for the orajel tip.

      Chris…ammonia sticks, never heard of them. The C’s say hi back.

  2. Elaine says:

    some are very over the top…but what scares me the most are the ones whose tow vehicle is not big enough to tow and they think it is..orajel is another good thing to put on stings and bug bites 🙂

  3. chris says:

    Wow, what a contrast! The tractor already comes with a small rv inside. To each his own. The ammonia works, we bought an ammonia stick a while back, it works on mosquito bites too. Good idea. Say hello to C, C, and C.

  4. Maybe that big truck is just his work truck and is just towing the trailer from one permanent site to another because they don’t have any other vehicle to do it with, or they are moving it for a friend who doesn’t have an vehicle to do it with, just a thought.

    Kevin stays well away from wasps now. There was a big, big nest in one of the sheds that isn’t used anymore and Kevin opened the door to it not knowing this and thousands of wasps came out and he went running FAST. Luckily none got him and one of the inmates went into the shed the next day and put a big plastic bag over the nest and broke it off, tied it up and through it into a fire pit and burned it.

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