Aug 30, 2013

FINALLY ~ my 2012/2013 Mazatlan statistics

We were late leaving Kelowna last year due to my ongoing health issues so we only were away 156 nights.  Our cost per night including electricity worked out to $18.69 USD per night.  During that time we were parked on the beach at Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island, just outside of Mazatlan for 135 nights.  We only used RV parks in the US for 3 nights and in Mexico for 3 nights other than on the Isla de la Piedra ( Stone Island ).  The rest of the nights we boondocked ( dry camped ).

Mileage from home here in Kelowna to the Isla going straight down via Osoyoos, thru Ely Nevada, Quartzite and into Mexico at Nogales was 2558.4 miles. The return home was via the Sonoyta/Lukeville crossing into the USA and via Lake Havasu, over to Yreka, California on HWY 99 and then over to I5 and back to Vancouver and then back here which was longer at 3051.4 miles.  A total of round trip of 5610 miles.

We are always asked these details and I apologize for getting them to you late this year.  I am going to just throw some figures out and you can work out the currency conversion yourselves.

~diesel fuel in the US ( we never bought any in Canada & our tank is almost full ) was $1802.00USD

~diesel fuel in Mexico was 9970 pesos

~propane for the RV was $155.00 USD and the tank is full

~propane delivered to the RV at Tres Amigos was 795 pesos.  We use a mix of electricity and propane and run the fridge on propane as a safety precaution

~electricity ( metered ) at Tres Amigos for 135 days cost us $212.oo USD which works out to $1.57 per day.  The year before we had the fridge on electric  and our cost worked out to $2.34 per day.  You pay for how much you use.

~our rent for the privilege of living in paradise was $600.00 USD per month

~laundry is inexpensive and cost us 2080 pesos for the entire time we were on the Isla

~a few visits to the vet cost 400 pesos

~some onsite RV repairs came in at 3500

~I always spend money on plants and flowers but that was low this year at 1500 as most everything is permanently in the ground

~I already have a Mexican cell phone and only put 400 pesos of time on it

~ the tolls were 3870 return and we used all the toll roads.  Remember that is for an RV and for a car.  If you have a 5th wheel or a travel trailer it will be less.

~a big expense was for the pulmonias ( open air taxis ).  We didn’t drive into Mazatlan but took the panga ( water taxi ) across the shipping channel.  Last year I was seeing the chiropractor a lot and could not walk anywhere.  I expect this cost will be down from 3175 pesos next season.

Besides all these expenses you need money to pay for your entertainment in Mazatlan if you attend the theatre, monies for charitable donations over the holidays and extra pesos to get your vehicles washed and waxed and to pay the various locals on site to help you with this and that.  It is nice to give back to the community.

Don’t forget to bring money for food and beverages, personal shopping, gifts, massages, hair cuts and the usual day to day costs.

I always do a budget based on my cost from the year prior and add a bit for inflation and it seems to work out.  Some years certain areas are under budget and others they are over budget.

For those whose state or province allows you to claim a vehicle insurance refund you may get lucky.  Not only are our costs for Mexican insurance both vehicles reimbursed we make a profit.

I like to say that it pays to travel to Mexico.

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4 Responses to “FINALLY ~ my 2012/2013 Mazatlan statistics”

  1. Carol says:

    We’ll see you on the Isla in Dec. Thanks for all the detailed expenses helps me to plan my winter budget…The toll road cost helps ..I didn’t tally mine from last year (dumb me).Like you I’m looking forward to getting there. Again thanks ,you help all of us who go to Mexico.

    • contessa says:

      Carol…..thank you.

      George……for us it is about the location and being on the ocean, not the money. we actually find it very reasonable.

      Chris…..ouch!! But is depends where you are in Canada. You might get a break.

  2. We enjoyed Mexico and Tres Amigos but find we can have a lot of fun travelling about in the USA for a lot less money. But then again each to their own.
    Enjoy your winter paradise.

  3. chris says:

    We’ll feel the bite when we go Canada next year. Ouch, I figure 3500 for fuel for four or five months.

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