Aug 29, 2013

An interesting and fun day

First of all Dad is home and very happy to be there.  So is Mom’s cat Angel.  The cat has not left Dad’s side since he got home, even going so far as to cuddle with him during the night which is a first.  Poor pussy must really have felt abandoned by first my Mom and then my Dad.

I got the results of all my lab work and the only thing found was a bladder infection.  I never felt I had an infection nor had any signs of one but it is quite likely that I have had this infection since last November.  The allergy specialist indicated the my rash could be related to such an infection and lo and behold I have an infection.  I have done some research and if the kidneys are not fully functioning one can have a rash and hives off and on.  Won’t that be great if that is the cause of all my problems.  Easy peasy!  However I don’t think that 3 days of 1000mg of Cipro is enough to clear this up.  Surprisingly the pharmacist agrees with me.  So I will take the 3 doses prescribe plus I have enough in my medicine cabinet for a 4 th day.  My current plan is to go back in Sept. 6th for another culture.

Meanwhile we have been entertaining again.  Our friends Jannose and Colin were our first visitors last year when we were using lawn furniture and sitting on plywood.  Wow was I ever heavy then!  They even stayed for a second dinner.  We were happy to show them the completed home yesterday.

After the tour we got down to the important things like chatting and watching the geese.

While we were entertaining, we were being entertained. The geese love to turn upside down to get the tasty morsels off the lake bed.

After a few hours we fed the girls and left them behind as we wondered off to the Greek House restaurant for a fabulous meal.  Jannose and Colin live in Alberta on a lovely acreage, winter in the Phoenix area with vacations from their vacation to places like India, Hawaii and European cruise.  Now that is a life!!!  We have know them for over 40 years ( maybe much longer ) and it is always a delight to catch up in person.

We had so much fun at dinner that it wasn't until the end that we remembered to take a photo.

Sadly they left this morning as they have many more days of adventure on this road trip.

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4 Responses to “An interesting and fun day”

  1. Barbara says:

    Contessa you say you were heavy last year when they visited but the picture of you at that time – in red raising your glass to toast – wow. You are absolutely beautiful – I don’t see where you’re seeing yourself as heavy (if that’s the one you’re referring to).

    We are here. We are healthy. Life is good. The day will come we’ll not be able to say that. So today I celebrate exactly how things are. And from all the pictures you’ve posted – darling – you’re perfect as you are – just beautiful!

    • contessa says:

      Barbara…..You are so sweet. Thank you! I have lost 21 LBS since that photo was taken last August. I went back to Weight Watchers to get all the extra weight off to help with my hip problems. I do agree with you though, we are who we are and should be at peace with that.

      Chris….I’ll let you know when to uncross those fingers:)

      George…you make me blush my friend.

  2. chris says:

    Great picture of the four of you! Well, I hope this treatment is the end of this and you can be rash free! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Nice to get together with friends again, everyone is looking great in this picture.
    And you lovely as ever.

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