Aug 26, 2013

I was invited

I had planned to spend Sunday catching up with yet more desk things and perhaps take a bit of time to just sit with a book.  However that changed when I was invited to join Colin at the latest very special home he has been photographing here in Kelowna.  The photos are for the owners but their home is also being featured in the Okanagan Home Magazine.  Most of the architectural photography has been done so yesterday was dedicated to family photos.

The house is right on the lake with a huge front and back yard.

I was given a tour of the house and that just about wore me out.  It is close to 12,000 square feet. The following shots were taken by Colin.

Taken from the second floor balcony.

The bar.

The dining room where I shared some vino with Kathy after my personal tour. Kathy and Earl are the parents of the master of the house and have RVed in Mexico in the past. Guess who just might be joining us on the Isla come January?

Taken looking at the back of the house which does face the water.

After we got home ( after 7PM ), fed the starving and much ignored dogs and then ourselves….it was time to finish the laundry.  I got the sheets out of the dryer and put the wet towels in and then….

...while Colin was walking the girls I just could resist. I had to take a nap.

Of course he caught me in the act.  I just lay down for a moment, pulled the sheets up to keep me warm and was out like a light.  The nap did give me the energy to finish and put away the laundry then it was lights out till this morning.  Quite the busy weekend for me.

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  1. So lovely but way too much to take care of every day.

  2. Such a huge house, nice setting, think our tiny house is more our style though.

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