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Aug 30, 2013

FINALLY ~ my 2012/2013 Mazatlan statistics

We were late leaving Kelowna last year due to my ongoing health issues so we only were away 156 nights.  Our cost per night including electricity worked out to $18.69 USD per night.  During that time we were parked on the beach at Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island, just outside of Mazatlan for […]


Aug 29, 2013

An interesting and fun day

First of all Dad is home and very happy to be there.  So is Mom’s cat Angel.  The cat has not left Dad’s side since he got home, even going so far as to cuddle with him during the night which is a first.  Poor pussy must really have felt abandoned by first my Mom […]


Aug 28, 2013


Finally we here in Canada are going to see Bret Michaels new TV show “Rock my RV“.  I had  previously blogged that it would debut in Canada on August 26th but in fact it will be on on August 29th on channel 524 , TVtropolis, which is suppose to be renamed DTour and by […]


Aug 27, 2013

Time is moving on

The geese are constantly flying and honking or eating.  They are getting ready to head south.  So are we. In fact we only have 62 sleeps until departure day.  Considering that I am going to be travelling to Edmonton twice to see my father and Colin once to Winnipeg to see his mother that leaves […]


Aug 26, 2013

I was invited

I had planned to spend Sunday catching up with yet more desk things and perhaps take a bit of time to just sit with a book.  However that changed when I was invited to join Colin at the latest very special home he has been photographing here in Kelowna.  The photos are for the owners […]


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