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Jun 23, 2013

Tommie Copper!

Tommie who! This is a new product, not even 2 years on the market.  By accident we saw the infomercial while still on the Isla in Mexico and thought that there was a great chance that this product would be great to decrease pain. So I watched the infomercial and went online to the site […]


Jun 21, 2013

Communication is everything

Yesterday I needed Colin to get my small carry on, out so I could pack for a quick trip.  He spent a long time under the house moving things and looking for it.  Then back inside where we both searched to no avail.  Back out to the shed and yet again under the house.  Finally […]


Jun 20, 2013

Tea versus Coffee

Which do you prefer? Now that I am off coffee ( for only a wee while I hope ) I am finding herbal tea not so bad.  It use to me me sick at the stomach before.  Do you think I could get away with decaf coffee? We are in the midst of 1.5 days […]


Jun 19, 2013

Tuesday was yet another busy day.

Still trying to get the list crossed off bit by bit. The red bracelet on my right wrist is to ID a possible blood transfusion during or after surgery.  That itchy irritating thing is with me until I leave the hospital. Locally we go the the Red Cross to pick up things like raised toilet […]


Jun 18, 2013

The countdown is on…

…only 9 nine more sleeps before surgery day and only 7 of them in my own bed!???!!! So Jon has acknowledged his win of ‘the guess the object’ contest.  He said in a comment on yesterdays’ post that he might have cheated as he is a collision repair shop assistant manager.  I have no idea where […]


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